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IAHIP Register of Members & Supervisors


MIAHIP - Member of the Irish Association of Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy (Accredited)
SIAHIP - Supervisor Accredited by the Irish Association of Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy

Name Profile 
A Abberton, Paula Abberton, Paula MIAHIP
Agnew, Brenda Agnew, Brenda MIAHIP
Ahern, Aisling Ahern, Aisling MIAHIP
Aherne, Denis Aherne, Denis MIAHIP
Allen, Mary Allen, Mary MIAHIP
Allen-Garrett, Patricia Allen-Garrett, Patricia MIAHIP
Arthurs, Mary Arthurs, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Bailey, Jane Bailey, Jane MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Bale, Caroline Bale, Caroline MIAHIP
Ballantine, Kelly Ballantine, Kelly MIAHIP
Bane, Olivia Bane, Olivia MIAHIP
Banks, Brenda Banks, Brenda MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Barlow, Evelyn Barlow, Evelyn MIAHIP
Barnes, Orla Barnes, Orla MIAHIP
Barnewall, Yvonne Barnewall, Yvonne MIAHIP
Barrett, Kenneth Barrett, Kenneth MIAHIP
Barrett, Eve Barrett, Eve MIAHIP
Barrett, Jean Barrett, Jean MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Barry, Mary Kate Barry, Mary Kate MIAHIP
Barry, Mike Barry, Mike MIAHIP
Barry, Claire  (Ann Marie) Barry, Claire  (Ann Marie) MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Beakey, John Beakey, John MIAHIP
Beirne, Mary Beirne, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Bennett, Joan Bennett, Joan MIAHIP
Berkeley, Ciara Berkeley, Ciara MIAHIP
Berkery, Joannes Berkery, Joannes MIAHIP
Bermingham, Kathleen Bermingham, Kathleen MIAHIP
Betts, Lisa Betts, Lisa MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Blythe Duggan, Marie Blythe Duggan, Marie MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Boland, Emille Boland, Emille MIAHIP
Boland, Tony Boland, Tony MIAHIP
Boland, Martina Boland, Martina MIAHIP
Boland, Breege Boland, Breege MIAHIP
Boland, Mary Boland, Mary MIAHIP
Borotto, Gemma Borotto, Gemma MIAHIP
Bose, Edel Bose, Edel MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Bourke, Olive Bourke, Olive MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Bourke D'Souza, Patricia Bourke D'Souza, Patricia MIAHIP
Boyle, Karen Boyle, Karen MIAHIP
Boyne, Edward Boyne, Edward MIAHIP
Bracken, Loretta Bracken, Loretta MIAHIP
Brady, Caitriona Brady, Caitriona MIAHIP
Brady, Tara Brady, Tara MIAHIP
Brady, Clare Brady, Clare MIAHIP
Brady, Margaret Brady, Margaret MIAHIP
Brady, Caroline Brady, Caroline MIAHIP
Brady, Veronica Brady, Veronica MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Brady, Patsy Brady, Patsy MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Yamann Brady, Eamonn Yamann Brady, Eamonn MIAHIP
Breen, Martina Breen, Martina MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Brennan, Geraldine Brennan, Geraldine MIAHIP
Brennan, Jason Brennan, Jason MIAHIP
Brennan, Bernadette Brennan, Bernadette MIAHIP
Brennan, Marie Brennan, Marie MIAHIP
Breslin, Austin Breslin, Austin MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Brett, Martina Brett, Martina MIAHIP
Britton, NC Britton, NC MIAHIP
Broder, Jac Broder, Jac MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Brookman, Jemima Brookman, Jemima MIAHIP
Brophy, Margaret Brophy, Margaret MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Brown, Melanie Brown, Melanie MIAHIP
Brown, Dawn Brown, Dawn MIAHIP
Browne, Ursula Browne, Ursula MIAHIP
Browne, Joan Browne, Joan MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Bryan, Tanya Bryan, Tanya MIAHIP
Buckley, Gillian Buckley, Gillian MIAHIP
Buckley, Sinéad Buckley, Sinéad MIAHIP
Buckley, Angela Buckley, Angela MIAHIP
Buechler, Helga Buechler, Helga MIAHIP
Bulfin, Niall Bulfin, Niall MIAHIP
Burke, Anthony Burke, Anthony MIAHIP
Burke, Evelyn Burke, Evelyn MIAHIP
Burke, Anne Burke, Anne MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Burke O'Brien, Frances Burke O'Brien, Frances MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Burleigh, Brian Burleigh, Brian MIAHIP
Burnard, Alison Burnard, Alison MIAHIP
Burns, Sharon Burns, Sharon MIAHIP
Byrne, Geraldine Byrne, Geraldine MIAHIP
Byrne, Marie Byrne, Marie MIAHIP
Byrne, Linda Byrne, Linda MIAHIP
Byrne, Anne Byrne, Anne MIAHIP
Byrne, Louise Byrne, Louise MIAHIP
Byrne, John Byrne, John MIAHIP
Byrne, Suzy Byrne, Suzy MIAHIP
Byrne, Carmel Byrne, Carmel MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Byrne, Philomena Byrne, Philomena MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Cadogan, Ann Cadogan, Ann MIAHIP
Cadogan, Carmel Cadogan, Carmel MIAHIP
Cafferkey, Mary Cafferkey, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Cahill, Nicola Cahill, Nicola MIAHIP
Callanan, Robbie Callanan, Robbie MIAHIP
Callanan, Fiodhna Callanan, Fiodhna MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Canavan, Reamonn Canavan, Reamonn MIAHIP
Canavan, Mary Canavan, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Carey, Caroline Carey, Caroline MIAHIP
Carey, Anne Carey, Anne MIAHIP
Carragher, Pamela Carragher, Pamela MIAHIP
Carroll, Paul Carroll, Paul MIAHIP
Carroll, Greta Carroll, Greta MIAHIP
Carroll, Geraldine Carroll, Geraldine MIAHIP
Carroll, Anne Carroll, Anne MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Carson, Veronica Carson, Veronica MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Carson, Vivienne Carson, Vivienne MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Carthy, Miriam Carthy, Miriam MIAHIP
Carthy, Paula Carthy, Paula MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Casey, Bernice Casey, Bernice MIAHIP
Casey, Tom Casey, Tom MIAHIP
Casey, Paula Casey, Paula MIAHIP
Casey, Dorothy Casey, Dorothy MIAHIP
Casey, Peter Casey, Peter MIAHIP
Casey, Leeanne Casey, Leeanne MIAHIP
Casey, Áine Casey, Áine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Cawley, Theresa Cawley, Theresa MIAHIP
Cawley-Walsh, Catherine Cawley-Walsh, Catherine MIAHIP
Chasaide, Christine Chasaide, Christine MIAHIP
Claffey, Elaine Claffey, Elaine MIAHIP
Clarke, Lorraine Clarke, Lorraine MIAHIP
Clarke, Margaret Clarke, Margaret MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Clinch, Deirdre Clinch, Deirdre MIAHIP
Clinton, Linda Clinton, Linda MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Clohessy, Maura Clohessy, Maura MIAHIP
Clothier, Fiona Clothier, Fiona MIAHIP
Coakley, James Coakley, James MIAHIP
Coen, Martina Coen, Martina MIAHIP
Coleman, Rosarie Coleman, Rosarie MIAHIP
Coleman, Laura Coleman, Laura MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Colgan, Anne Colgan, Anne MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Collender, Michael Collender, Michael MIAHIP
Colleran, Jean Colleran, Jean MIAHIP
Collins, Neil Collins, Neil MIAHIP
Collins, Helen Collins, Helen MIAHIP
Collins, Andrew Collins, Andrew MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Collins, Deirdre Collins, Deirdre MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Collins Smyth, Margaret Collins Smyth, Margaret MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Colman, TJ Colman, TJ MIAHIP
Colom-Timlin, Antonia Colom-Timlin, Antonia MIAHIP
Colreavy Donnelly, Claire Colreavy Donnelly, Claire MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Comerford, Pat Comerford, Pat MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Comiskey, Annette Comiskey, Annette MIAHIP
Commins, Brid Commins, Brid MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Condron, Sarah Condron, Sarah MIAHIP
Connolly, Andrew Connolly, Andrew MIAHIP
Connolly, John Connolly, John MIAHIP
Connolly, Suzanne Connolly, Suzanne MIAHIP
Connolly, Felicity Connolly, Felicity MIAHIP
Connolly, Denis Connolly, Denis MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Connolly, Geraldine Connolly, Geraldine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Conway, Michelle Conway, Michelle MIAHIP
Conway, Sharon Conway, Sharon MIAHIP
Cooke, Orna Cooke, Orna MIAHIP
Coonan, Emma Coonan, Emma MIAHIP
Cooney, Geraldine O’Kelly Cooney, Geraldine O’Kelly MIAHIP
Corby, Mary Corby, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Corcoran, Karen Corcoran, Karen MIAHIP
Costello, Margaret Costello, Margaret MIAHIP
Costello, Bernadette Costello, Bernadette MIAHIP
Cottee, Jessica Cottee, Jessica MIAHIP
Cotter, Joe Cotter, Joe MIAHIP
Coughlan, Loretta Coughlan, Loretta MIAHIP
Coughlan, Fintan Coughlan, Fintan MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Cox, Kieran Cox, Kieran MIAHIP
Coyle, Brigid Coyle, Brigid MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Crampton, Katherine Crampton, Katherine MIAHIP
Cremen, Patricia Cremen, Patricia MIAHIP
Cronin, Noel Cronin, Noel MIAHIP
Crowley, Sinead Crowley, Sinead MIAHIP
Crowley, Helen Crowley, Helen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Crowley, Orla Crowley, Orla MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Crowley, Marian Crowley, Marian MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Cuffe, Helena Cuffe, Helena MIAHIP
Culhane, Helen Culhane, Helen MIAHIP
Cullen, Eilis Cullen, Eilis MIAHIP
Cullen, Elizabeth Cullen, Elizabeth MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Cullen Dolan, Maura Cullen Dolan, Maura MIAHIP
Cunningham, Frieda Cunningham, Frieda MIAHIP
Cunningham, Elaine Cunningham, Elaine MIAHIP
Cunningham, Gerry Cunningham, Gerry MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Curl, Fraser Curl, Fraser MIAHIP
Curley, Fidelma Curley, Fidelma MIAHIP
Curtin, Donna Curtin, Donna MIAHIP
Cusack, Ita Cusack, Ita MIAHIP
Dalton, Michael Dalton, Michael MIAHIP
Daly, Brighid Daly, Brighid MIAHIP
Daly, Paul Daly, Paul MIAHIP
Daly, Celia Daly, Celia MIAHIP
Daly, Nora Daly, Nora MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Danaher, Monique Danaher, Monique MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Darcy, Fionnuala Darcy, Fionnuala MIAHIP
Davis, Alan Davis, Alan MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Day, Frances Day, Frances MIAHIP, SIAHIP
de Bri, Ian de Bri, Ian MIAHIP
de Cleir, Larry de Cleir, Larry MIAHIP, SIAHIP
de Courcy, Mary de Courcy, Mary MIAHIP
Deacon, Bernadette Deacon, Bernadette MIAHIP
Deegan, Mary Deegan, Mary MIAHIP
Deery, Pat Deery, Pat MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Delaney, Deirdre Delaney, Deirdre MIAHIP
Dempsey, Lisa Dempsey, Lisa MIAHIP
Derham, Helen Derham, Helen MIAHIP
Desmond, Billy Desmond, Billy MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Devaney, Ursula Devaney, Ursula MIAHIP
Devilly, Sarah Devilly, Sarah MIAHIP
Devlin, Deirdre Devlin, Deirdre MIAHIP
Di Lucia, Martina Di Lucia, Martina MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Dillon, Noel Dillon, Noel MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Dine, Carol Dine, Carol MIAHIP
Dineen, Kerry Dineen, Kerry MIAHIP
Divilly, Bernadette Divilly, Bernadette MIAHIP
Dixon, Oliver Dixon, Oliver MIAHIP
Dixon, Anne Marie Dixon, Anne Marie MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Dobbs, Pauline Dobbs, Pauline MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Doherty, Lorraine Doherty, Lorraine MIAHIP
Doherty, Ann Doherty, Ann MIAHIP
Doherty, Helen Doherty, Helen MIAHIP
Doherty, Fiona Doherty, Fiona MIAHIP
Dolan, Carmel Dolan, Carmel MIAHIP
Dolan, Pauline Dolan, Pauline MIAHIP
Donaldson, Mary Donaldson, Mary MIAHIP
Donnellan, Patrick Donnellan, Patrick MIAHIP
Donohue, Joseph Donohue, Joseph MIAHIP
Doolan, Brighid Doolan, Brighid MIAHIP
Dooley, Marguerite Dooley, Marguerite MIAHIP
Dooley, Maeve Dooley, Maeve MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Dowd, Emma Dowd, Emma MIAHIP
Dowd, Mary Dowd, Mary MIAHIP
Dowling, Emer Dowling, Emer MIAHIP
Dowling, Cathy Dowling, Cathy MIAHIP
Dowling, Susan Dowling, Susan MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Dowling Garvey, Imelda Dowling Garvey, Imelda MIAHIP
Doyle, Barbara Doyle, Barbara MIAHIP
Doyle, Barbara Doyle, Barbara MIAHIP
Doyle, Mairead Doyle, Mairead MIAHIP
Doyle, Conor Doyle, Conor MIAHIP
Doyle, Carly Doyle, Carly MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Driscoll, Justine Driscoll, Justine MIAHIP
Driscoll, Angela Driscoll, Angela MIAHIP, SIAHIP
DuBerry, Mark DuBerry, Mark MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Duddy, Mai Duddy, Mai MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Dudek, Anna Dudek, Anna MIAHIP
Duerden, Zoe Duerden, Zoe MIAHIP
Duffy, Susan Duffy, Susan MIAHIP
Duffy, Martin Duffy, Martin MIAHIP
Duffy, Josephine Duffy, Josephine MIAHIP
Duffy, Kathleen Duffy, Kathleen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Duffy, Carol Duffy, Carol MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Duffy, Patrick Duffy, Patrick MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Duffy, Carol M Duffy, Carol M MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Duggan, Louise Duggan, Louise MIAHIP
Dunbar, Eamonn Dunbar, Eamonn MIAHIP
Dunn, Eleanor Dunn, Eleanor MIAHIP
Dunne, Clair Dunne, Clair MIAHIP
Egan, Mary Jane Egan, Mary Jane MIAHIP
Egan, Doreen Egan, Doreen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Egan, Barbara Egan, Barbara MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Everard, Siobhan Everard, Siobhan MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Fagan, Alexandra Fagan, Alexandra MIAHIP
Fahy, Attracta Fahy, Attracta MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Fanning, Olive Fanning, Olive MIAHIP
Farrell, David Farrell, David MIAHIP
Farrell, Orla Farrell, Orla MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Farrelly, Katherine Farrelly, Katherine MIAHIP
Farrelly, Louise Farrelly, Louise MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Farrington, Anne Farrington, Anne MIAHIP
Fay, Jude Fay, Jude MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Fell, Mary Fell, Mary MIAHIP
Fenton, Caroline Fenton, Caroline MIAHIP
Ferguson, Deirdre Ferguson, Deirdre MIAHIP
Ferris, Hannah Ferris, Hannah MIAHIP
Field, Robert Field, Robert MIAHIP
Finane McCabe, Siobhan Finane McCabe, Siobhan MIAHIP
Finn, Evelyn Finn, Evelyn MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Finnegan, Eileen Finnegan, Eileen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Finnegan, Linda Finnegan, Linda MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Finnerty, Ellen Finnerty, Ellen MIAHIP
Finnerty, Marcella Finnerty, Marcella MIAHIP
Finucane, Deirdre Finucane, Deirdre MIAHIP
Finucane, Fergus Finucane, Fergus MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Fitzgerald, Barbara Fitzgerald, Barbara MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Fitzgerald, Elaine Fitzgerald, Elaine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Fitzgerald, Rosemary Fitzgerald, Rosemary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Fitzgibbon, Josephine Fitzgibbon, Josephine MIAHIP
Fitzgibbon, Samantha Fitzgibbon, Samantha MIAHIP
FitzGibbon, Jim FitzGibbon, Jim MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Fitzmaurice, Maire Fitzmaurice, Maire MIAHIP
Fitzpatrick, Jennie Fitzpatrick, Jennie MIAHIP
Fitzpatrick, Laura Fitzpatrick, Laura MIAHIP
Fitzsimons, Karen Fitzsimons, Karen MIAHIP
Flanagan, Anna Flanagan, Anna MIAHIP
Flanagan, Anne Flanagan, Anne MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Flanagan, Mary Flanagan, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Flannery, Paul Flannery, Paul MIAHIP
Fleming, Pearl Fleming, Pearl MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Flood-Hartung, Christina Flood-Hartung, Christina MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Flynn, Madeleine Flynn, Madeleine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Foley, Philomena Foley, Philomena MIAHIP
Foley, Susan Foley, Susan MIAHIP
Foley, Emer Foley, Emer MIAHIP
Foley, Miriam Foley, Miriam MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Foran, Jennifer Foran, Jennifer MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Foster, Mary Foster, Mary MIAHIP
Fox, Michael Fox, Michael MIAHIP
Foy, Louise Foy, Louise MIAHIP
Franklin, Susan Franklin, Susan MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Fulton, Linda Fulton, Linda MIAHIP, SIAHIP
G Howlett, Brian G Howlett, Brian MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Gaerty, Paul Gaerty, Paul MIAHIP
Gaffney, Gina Gaffney, Gina MIAHIP
Gallagher, Margaret Gallagher, Margaret MIAHIP
Galvin, Cristina Galvin, Cristina MIAHIP
Gannon, Emma Gannon, Emma MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Gately, Luci Gately, Luci MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Gaynor, Karen Gaynor, Karen MIAHIP
Gaynor, Mary Gaynor, Mary MIAHIP
Gaynor, Therese Gaynor, Therese MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Genockey, Audrey Genockey, Audrey MIAHIP
Geraghty Luskin, Marian Geraghty Luskin, Marian MIAHIP
Gill, Attracta Gill, Attracta MIAHIP
Gill, Margaret Gill, Margaret MIAHIP
Gill, Susan Gill, Susan MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Gillen, Brian Gillen, Brian MIAHIP
Gilligan, Sarah Gilligan, Sarah MIAHIP
Gilligan, Catherine Gilligan, Catherine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Gillivan, Patricia Gillivan, Patricia MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Gilmartin, Helen Gilmartin, Helen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Gilmore, Evelyn P Gilmore, Evelyn P MIAHIP
Gleeson, Mary Gleeson, Mary MIAHIP
Gleeson, Ann Gleeson, Ann MIAHIP
Good, Una Good, Una MIAHIP
Goodwill, Jennifer Goodwill, Jennifer MIAHIP
Grainger, Jacqueline Grainger, Jacqueline MIAHIP
Grant, Cathy Grant, Cathy MIAHIP
Green, Malcolm Green, Malcolm MIAHIP
Green, Colette Green, Colette MIAHIP
Grennan, Lorraine Grennan, Lorraine MIAHIP
Grennan, Sarahjane Grennan, Sarahjane MIAHIP
Gribbin, Jane Gribbin, Jane MIAHIP
Griffin, Jennifer Griffin, Jennifer MIAHIP
Griffin, Olwyn Griffin, Olwyn MIAHIP
Grogan, Fiona Grogan, Fiona MIAHIP
Grogan, Davnet Grogan, Davnet MIAHIP
Groth, Susanna Groth, Susanna MIAHIP
Gwaba, Muuka Gwaba, Muuka MIAHIP
Hackett, Alan Hackett, Alan MIAHIP
Hackett, Lorraine Hackett, Lorraine MIAHIP
Hamill, Mary Hamill, Mary MIAHIP
Hamill, Carmel Hamill, Carmel MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Hanaphy, Eileen Hanaphy, Eileen MIAHIP
Hanley, Freda Hanley, Freda MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Hanrahan, Joanne Hanrahan, Joanne MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Harpur, Nuala Harpur, Nuala MIAHIP
Harrington, Genevieve Harrington, Genevieve MIAHIP
Harris, Laura Harris, Laura MIAHIP
Harrison, Patricia Harrison, Patricia MIAHIP
Harte, Paul Harte, Paul MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Hartley, John Hartley, John MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Hasenfuss, Ines Hasenfuss, Ines MIAHIP
Haughey, Monica Haughey, Monica MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Hayden, Maisie Hayden, Maisie MIAHIP
Hayes, Penny Hayes, Penny MIAHIP
Hayes, Anne Hayes, Anne MIAHIP
Hayes, Bernadine Hayes, Bernadine MIAHIP
Hayes, Tadhg Hayes, Tadhg MIAHIP
Hayes, Leonard Hayes, Leonard MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Healy, Annette Healy, Annette MIAHIP
Healy, Tricia Healy, Tricia MIAHIP
Healy, Trish Healy, Trish MIAHIP
Healy, Fionnuala Healy, Fionnuala MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Hearne, Anne-Marie Hearne, Anne-Marie MIAHIP
Heduan, Sarah Heduan, Sarah MIAHIP
Heduan, Joan Heduan, Joan MIAHIP
Hegarty, Rosemary Hegarty, Rosemary MIAHIP
Hegarty, Debbie Hegarty, Debbie MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Hegarty, Tony Hegarty, Tony MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Helder, Jolanda Helder, Jolanda MIAHIP
Henson, Matthew Henson, Matthew MIAHIP
Herlihy, Marie Herlihy, Marie MIAHIP
Herridge, Barry Herridge, Barry MIAHIP
Heslin, Dermot Heslin, Dermot MIAHIP
Hewitt, Colm Hewitt, Colm MIAHIP
Hewson, Denise Hewson, Denise MIAHIP
Hickey, Annette Hickey, Annette MIAHIP
Hickey, Sheelagh Hickey, Sheelagh MIAHIP
Hilliard, Mary Hilliard, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Hitchings, Paul Hitchings, Paul MIAHIP
Ho, Wei Sim Ho, Wei Sim MIAHIP
Hoare, Rachel Hoare, Rachel MIAHIP
Hodnett, Frances Hodnett, Frances MIAHIP
Hofmann, Michael Hofmann, Michael MIAHIP
Hogan, Julie Hogan, Julie MIAHIP
Hogan, Christina Hogan, Christina MIAHIP
Hogan, Paul Hogan, Paul MIAHIP
Hogan, Mary Hogan, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Hohmann, Markus Hohmann, Markus MIAHIP
Holian, Diana Holian, Diana MIAHIP
Hollwey, Sara Hollwey, Sara MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Horgan, John Horgan, John MIAHIP
Horkan, Mairead Horkan, Mairead MIAHIP
Hosford, Tracy Hosford, Tracy MIAHIP
Houlihan, Aifric Houlihan, Aifric MIAHIP
Huggard, Paul Huggard, Paul MIAHIP
Hughes, Paul Hughes, Paul MIAHIP
Hume, Sarah Hume, Sarah MIAHIP
Hunka, Boris Hunka, Boris MIAHIP
Hunt, Marina Hunt, Marina MIAHIP
Hurst, Theresa Hurst, Theresa MIAHIP
Hutchinson, Áine Hutchinson, Áine MIAHIP
Hutton, Liz Hutton, Liz MIAHIP
Hynan, Majella Hynan, Majella MIAHIP
Hynes, Tara Hynes, Tara MIAHIP
Hynes, Sarah Hynes, Sarah MIAHIP
Igoe, Anne Igoe, Anne MIAHIP
Irving, Robert Irving, Robert MIAHIP
Jameson, Georgina Jameson, Georgina MIAHIP
Jane Ryan, Sarah Jane Ryan, Sarah MIAHIP
Johnson, Trish Johnson, Trish MIAHIP
Joly, Julien Joly, Julien MIAHIP
Jordan, Alan Jordan, Alan MIAHIP
Joyce, Sonya Joyce, Sonya MIAHIP
Joyner, Allison Joyner, Allison MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Judge, Jimmy Judge, Jimmy MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Kacperski, Tania Kacperski, Tania MIAHIP
Kavanagh, Avril Kavanagh, Avril MIAHIP
Keane, Colette Keane, Colette MIAHIP
Keane, Monica Keane, Monica MIAHIP
Keane, Anthony Keane, Anthony MIAHIP
Kearney, Breda Kearney, Breda MIAHIP
Kearns, Jo-Ann Kearns, Jo-Ann MIAHIP
Kearns, John Kearns, John MIAHIP
Keating, Elizabeth Keating, Elizabeth MIAHIP
Keating, Colin Keating, Colin MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Keenan, Jacqueline Keenan, Jacqueline MIAHIP
Kehoe, Caroline Kehoe, Caroline MIAHIP
Kelleher, Mary Kelleher, Mary MIAHIP
Kelliher, Deirdre Kelliher, Deirdre MIAHIP
Kelly, Dawn Kelly, Dawn MIAHIP
Kelly, Theresa Kelly, Theresa MIAHIP
Kelly, Belinda Kelly, Belinda MIAHIP
Kelly, Gerard Kelly, Gerard MIAHIP
Kennedy, Elaine Kennedy, Elaine MIAHIP
Kennedy, Geraldine Kennedy, Geraldine MIAHIP
Kennedy, Francis Kennedy, Francis MIAHIP
Kennedy, Catherine Kennedy, Catherine MIAHIP
Kennedy, Felicity Kennedy, Felicity MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Kenny, Brigid Kenny, Brigid MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Kenny Comerford, Aisling Kenny Comerford, Aisling MIAHIP
Kenny-Denneny, Francess Kenny-Denneny, Francess MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Kent, Miriam Kent, Miriam MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Keogh, Aisling Keogh, Aisling MIAHIP
Keogh, Brendan Keogh, Brendan MIAHIP
Keogh, Celine Keogh, Celine MIAHIP
Keogh, Daniel Keogh, Daniel MIAHIP
Keogh, Rachel Keogh, Rachel MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Kerins, Ruth Kerins, Ruth MIAHIP
Kerrisk, Aeveen Kerrisk, Aeveen MIAHIP
Keys, Bronagh Keys, Bronagh MIAHIP
Kiely, Marguerite Kiely, Marguerite MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Kieran, Josephine Kieran, Josephine MIAHIP
Kiernan, Donal Kiernan, Donal MIAHIP
Kilgallen, Aideen Kilgallen, Aideen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Killoran Gannon, Sheila Killoran Gannon, Sheila MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Kilraine Hannon, Mary Kilraine Hannon, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Kilty, Alison Kilty, Alison MIAHIP
King, Judith King, Judith MIAHIP
King, Elaine King, Elaine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Kingston, Paul Kingston, Paul MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Kinsella, Margaret Kinsella, Margaret MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Kinsella, Alison Kinsella, Alison MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Kirby Ryan, Marian Kirby Ryan, Marian MIAHIP
Kirrane, Nora Kirrane, Nora MIAHIP
Kirwan, Ann Kirwan, Ann MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Klinkenbergh, Patricia Klinkenbergh, Patricia MIAHIP
Kurszewska-Szemis, Karolina Kurszewska-Szemis, Karolina MIAHIP
Kurti, Judit Kurti, Judit MIAHIP
Kuznecova, Tamara Kuznecova, Tamara MIAHIP
Laffan, Kathleen Laffan, Kathleen MIAHIP
Laffey, Colette Laffey, Colette MIAHIP
Lally, Joan Lally, Joan MIAHIP
Lally, Marguerita Lally, Marguerita MIAHIP
Lankford-Finn, Aine Lankford-Finn, Aine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Lardner, Siobhan Lardner, Siobhan MIAHIP
Larkin, Margaret Larkin, Margaret MIAHIP
Larkin, Therese Larkin, Therese MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Larkin, Thomas Larkin, Thomas MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Lavin, Siobhan Lavin, Siobhan MIAHIP
Lawless, Teresa Lawless, Teresa MIAHIP
Lawless, Valerie Lawless, Valerie MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Lawlor, Marie Lawlor, Marie MIAHIP
Lawlor, Maurita Lawlor, Maurita MIAHIP
Lawlor, Mary Brigid Lawlor, Mary Brigid MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Leahy, Michael Leahy, Michael MIAHIP
Leahy, Ted Leahy, Ted MIAHIP
Ledden, Michael Ledden, Michael MIAHIP
Ledden, Peter Ledden, Peter MIAHIP
Lee, Mick Lee, Mick MIAHIP
Lehane, Carmel Lehane, Carmel MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Lennon, Liz Lennon, Liz MIAHIP
Leonard, Raymond Leonard, Raymond MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Lewis, Baird Lewis, Baird MIAHIP
Lewis, Miriam Lewis, Miriam MIAHIP
Lewis, Robert Lewis, Robert MIAHIP
Lewis, Maeve Lewis, Maeve MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Leydon, Sinead Leydon, Sinead MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Liston, Mary Liston, Mary MIAHIP
Lloyd, Victoria Lloyd, Victoria MIAHIP
Lodge, Eamonn Lodge, Eamonn MIAHIP
Logan, Michael Logan, Michael MIAHIP
Logan, Patrick Logan, Patrick MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Lombard, Mary Lombard, Mary MIAHIP
Lonergan, Gillian Lonergan, Gillian MIAHIP
Long, Catherine Long, Catherine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Longe, Olivia Longe, Olivia MIAHIP
Lovas, Szilvia Lovas, Szilvia MIAHIP
Lowry Haverty, Clodagh Lowry Haverty, Clodagh MIAHIP
Lundy, Brian Lundy, Brian MIAHIP
Lynch, Terry Lynch, Terry MIAHIP
Lynch, Ann Lynch, Ann MIAHIP
Lynch, Colette Lynch, Colette MIAHIP
Lynch, Alice Lynch, Alice MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Lynch, Barbara Lynch, Barbara MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Lynch, Mary Lynch, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Lyne, Charlotte Lyne, Charlotte MIAHIP
Lyons, Louise Lyons, Louise MIAHIP
Mac Neill, Sile Mac Neill, Sile MIAHIP, SIAHIP
MacCann, Paul MacCann, Paul MIAHIP
MacCarthy, Derval MacCarthy, Derval MIAHIP
MacDonnell, Eileen MacDonnell, Eileen MIAHIP
MacHale, Trisha MacHale, Trisha MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Macken, Caroline Macken, Caroline MIAHIP
Macken, Leanne Macken, Leanne MIAHIP
Macken, Frances Macken, Frances MIAHIP
Maclachlan, Anne Kirsten Maclachlan, Anne Kirsten MIAHIP
Madayil, Rajesh Madayil, Rajesh MIAHIP
Madden, Deirdre Madden, Deirdre MIAHIP
Maguire, Brid Maguire, Brid MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Maher, Hilary Maher, Hilary MIAHIP
Mahon, Sinead Mahon, Sinead MIAHIP
Mahon, Barbara Mahon, Barbara MIAHIP
Mahoney, Denis Mahoney, Denis MIAHIP
Mahony, Edel Mahony, Edel MIAHIP
Mahony, Ciaran Mahony, Ciaran MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Mair, Helma Mair, Helma MIAHIP
Malone, Patrick Malone, Patrick MIAHIP
Malone, Mary Malone, Mary MIAHIP
Mangan, Sandra Mangan, Sandra MIAHIP
Mangan, Mary Mangan, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Manning, Gearoid Manning, Gearoid MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Marie Bracken, Linda Marie Bracken, Linda MIAHIP
Markham Sharkey, Lisa Markham Sharkey, Lisa MIAHIP
Martin, Elaine Martin, Elaine MIAHIP
Martin, Raymond Martin, Raymond MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Masterson, Connie Masterson, Connie MIAHIP
Matthews, Geradine Matthews, Geradine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Mc Elligott, Helena Mc Elligott, Helena MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McAndrew, Maire McAndrew, Maire MIAHIP
McArdle, Donna McArdle, Donna MIAHIP
McBreen, Veronica McBreen, Veronica MIAHIP
McCabe, Maureen McCabe, Maureen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McCabe Kelly, Gemma McCabe Kelly, Gemma MIAHIP
McCague, Toni McCague, Toni MIAHIP
McCartan, Bernadette McCartan, Bernadette MIAHIP
McCartan, Neil McCartan, Neil MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McCarthy, Annmarie McCarthy, Annmarie MIAHIP
McCarthy, Mairin McCarthy, Mairin MIAHIP
McCarthy, Patricia McCarthy, Patricia MIAHIP
McCarthy, Jane McCarthy, Jane MIAHIP
McCarthy, Mary McCarthy, Mary MIAHIP
McCarthy, Vanessa McCarthy, Vanessa MIAHIP
McCarthy, Marie McCarthy, Marie MIAHIP
McCarthy, Colm McCarthy, Colm MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McCarthy, Angela McCarthy, Angela MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McCarthy, Albert McCarthy, Albert MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McCarthy, Daniel (Timothy) McCarthy, Daniel (Timothy) MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McCarthy, Kate McCarthy, Kate MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McCartney, Naomi McCartney, Naomi MIAHIP
McCashin, Dolores McCashin, Dolores MIAHIP
McConnell, David McConnell, David MIAHIP
McCormack, James McCormack, James MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McCormack Gaffney, Anne McCormack Gaffney, Anne MIAHIP
McCourt, Ann Elizabeth McCourt, Ann Elizabeth MIAHIP
McCranor, Maura McCranor, Maura MIAHIP
McDonagh, Emer McDonagh, Emer MIAHIP
McDonagh, Loretta McDonagh, Loretta MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McDonald, Diane McDonald, Diane MIAHIP
McDonald, Rachel McDonald, Rachel MIAHIP
McDonnell, Patricia McDonnell, Patricia MIAHIP
McDonnell, Nuala McDonnell, Nuala MIAHIP
McElvaney, Rosaleen McElvaney, Rosaleen MIAHIP
McEvoy, Monique McEvoy, Monique MIAHIP
McEvoy, Liz McEvoy, Liz MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McGahon, Margaret McGahon, Margaret MIAHIP
McGee, Kay McGee, Kay MIAHIP
McGeough, Helen McGeough, Helen MIAHIP
McGibbon, Michael McGibbon, Michael MIAHIP
McGlacken-Ryan, Tricia McGlacken-Ryan, Tricia MIAHIP
McGovern, Siobhan McGovern, Siobhan MIAHIP
McGowan, Carmel McGowan, Carmel MIAHIP
McGrath, Brenda McGrath, Brenda MIAHIP
McGrath, Eimir McGrath, Eimir MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McGuckin, Elizabeth McGuckin, Elizabeth MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McGuigan, Harriet McGuigan, Harriet MIAHIP
McGuinness, Anne McGuinness, Anne MIAHIP
McGuinness, Orla McGuinness, Orla MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McGuirk, Joanne McGuirk, Joanne MIAHIP
McHugh, Paula McHugh, Paula MIAHIP
McHugh, Rosaline McHugh, Rosaline MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McKee, Peter McKee, Peter MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McKeon, Terence McKeon, Terence MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McLaughlin, Aine McLaughlin, Aine MIAHIP
McLeavey, Bernadette McLeavey, Bernadette MIAHIP
McLellan, Damien McLellan, Damien MIAHIP
McMahon, Carmel McMahon, Carmel MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McMahon, Aisling McMahon, Aisling MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McNamara, Derek McNamara, Derek MIAHIP, SIAHIP
McNeela, Tracey McNeela, Tracey MIAHIP
McNulty, Muireann McNulty, Muireann MIAHIP
McNulty, Paula McNulty, Paula MIAHIP
McSwiggan, Kevin McSwiggan, Kevin MIAHIP
McWeeney, Rosemary McWeeney, Rosemary MIAHIP
McWilliam, Barbara McWilliam, Barbara MIAHIP
Meagher, Elizabeth Meagher, Elizabeth MIAHIP
Meagher, Kathleen A Meagher, Kathleen A MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Meighan, Brid Meighan, Brid MIAHIP
Melvin, Joan Melvin, Joan MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Merton, Marie Merton, Marie MIAHIP
Mesbur, Michael Mesbur, Michael MIAHIP
Meyler, Martin Meyler, Martin MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Mikulak, Marika Mikulak, Marika MIAHIP
Millea, Siobhan Millea, Siobhan MIAHIP
Minogue, Catriona Minogue, Catriona MIAHIP
Mitchell, Gerard Mitchell, Gerard MIAHIP
Mohally, Dermot Mohally, Dermot MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Molloy, Aishlinn Molloy, Aishlinn MIAHIP
Moloney, Maeve Moloney, Maeve MIAHIP
Moloney, John Moloney, John MIAHIP
Molony, Enda Molony, Enda MIAHIP
Monahan, Tony Monahan, Tony MIAHIP
Montague, Rosa Montague, Rosa MIAHIP
Mooney, Bernadette Mooney, Bernadette MIAHIP
Mooney, Susan Mooney, Susan MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Mooney, Jennifer Mooney, Jennifer MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Moore, Heather Moore, Heather MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Moore, Dermod Moore, Dermod MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Moran, Anne Moran, Anne MIAHIP
Moran, Johnny Moran, Johnny MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Moran, Marion Moran, Marion MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Moran, Maria Moran, Maria MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Moriarty, Antoinette Moriarty, Antoinette MIAHIP
Moroney, Maeve Moroney, Maeve MIAHIP
Moroney, Clare Moroney, Clare MIAHIP
Morris, Coleen Morris, Coleen MIAHIP
Morrissey, Maria Morrissey, Maria MIAHIP
Morrow, Alison Morrow, Alison MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Moylan, Helen Moylan, Helen MIAHIP
Mulhall, Barbara Mulhall, Barbara MIAHIP
Mulhern, Kathleen Mulhern, Kathleen MIAHIP
Mulholland, Dera Mulholland, Dera MIAHIP
Mulholland, Teresa Mulholland, Teresa MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Mullee, Siobhan Mullee, Siobhan MIAHIP
Mullen, Roxane Mullen, Roxane MIAHIP
Mullen, Sandra Mullen, Sandra MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Muller, Elisabeth Muller, Elisabeth MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Mulligan, Marie Mulligan, Marie MIAHIP
Mulligan, Nigel Mulligan, Nigel MIAHIP
Mulpeter, Geraldine Mulpeter, Geraldine MIAHIP
Murnane, Ruth Murnane, Ruth MIAHIP
Murphy, Joan Murphy, Joan MIAHIP
Murphy, Mary Margaret Murphy, Mary Margaret MIAHIP
Murphy, Brid Murphy, Brid MIAHIP
Murphy, Claire Murphy, Claire MIAHIP
Murphy, Frances Murphy, Frances MIAHIP
Murphy, Donal Murphy, Donal MIAHIP
Murphy, Eva Murphy, Eva MIAHIP
Murphy, Emer Murphy, Emer MIAHIP
Murphy, Kathleen Murphy, Kathleen MIAHIP
Murphy, Laurence Murphy, Laurence MIAHIP
Murphy, David Murphy, David MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Murphy, Gerry Murphy, Gerry MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Murphy, Niamh Murphy, Niamh MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Murphy, Jim Murphy, Jim MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Murphy, Rachel Murphy, Rachel MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Murphy, Gerard Murphy, Gerard MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Murphy, Marianne Murphy, Marianne MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Murphy O'Donovan, Celia Murphy O'Donovan, Celia MIAHIP
Murray, Deirdre Murray, Deirdre MIAHIP
Murray, Mary Murray, Mary MIAHIP
Murray, Ciaran Murray, Ciaran MIAHIP
Murray, Ciara Murray, Ciara MIAHIP
Murray, Claire Murray, Claire MIAHIP
Murray, Sonya Murray, Sonya MIAHIP
Murray, Siobhan Murray, Siobhan MIAHIP
Murtagh, Catherine Murtagh, Catherine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Myers, Gerry Myers, Gerry MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Nagle, Michelle Nagle, Michelle MIAHIP
Nagle, Yvonne Nagle, Yvonne MIAHIP
Nagtegaal, Huub Nagtegaal, Huub MIAHIP
Nannery, Patricia Nannery, Patricia MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Naughton, Brian Naughton, Brian MIAHIP
Naughton, Olivia Naughton, Olivia MIAHIP
Naylor, Mary Naylor, Mary MIAHIP
Neill, Pauline Neill, Pauline MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Neligan, Emer Neligan, Emer MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Nevin, Peter Nevin, Peter MIAHIP
Nevin, Margaret Nevin, Margaret MIAHIP
Newham, Patricia Newham, Patricia MIAHIP
Newman, David Newman, David MIAHIP
Neylon-Walsh, Noelle Neylon-Walsh, Noelle MIAHIP
Ni Bhriain, Mairin Ni Bhriain, Mairin MIAHIP
Ni Bhriain, Roisin Ni Bhriain, Roisin MIAHIP
Ní Fhearrchaidh, Méabh Ní Fhearrchaidh, Méabh MIAHIP
Ní Mhurchú, Caitríona Ní Mhurchú, Caitríona MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Ni Shuilleabhain, Eileen Ni Shuilleabhain, Eileen MIAHIP
Nic An Mháistir, Gráinne Nic An Mháistir, Gráinne MIAHIP
Nolan, Bernadette Nolan, Bernadette MIAHIP
Nolan, Patrick Nolan, Patrick MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Noonan, Eileen Noonan, Eileen MIAHIP
Noonan, Kay Noonan, Kay MIAHIP
Noone, Kathleen Noone, Kathleen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Norman, Catherine Norman, Catherine MIAHIP
Normand, Tessa Normand, Tessa MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Norris, Patricia Norris, Patricia MIAHIP
Nyhan, Margaret Nyhan, Margaret MIAHIP
O’Hanlon, Lorraine O’Hanlon, Lorraine MIAHIP
O'Boyle, Kate O'Boyle, Kate MIAHIP
O'Boyle, Paul O'Boyle, Paul MIAHIP
O'Brien, Lauren O'Brien, Lauren MIAHIP
O'Brien, Norma O'Brien, Norma MIAHIP
O'Brien, Anne O'Brien, Anne MIAHIP
O'Brien, Helen O'Brien, Helen MIAHIP
O'Brien, Margaret O'Brien, Margaret MIAHIP
O'Brien, Brid O'Brien, Brid MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Brien, Michele O'Brien, Michele MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Brien Quinn, Valerie O'Brien Quinn, Valerie MIAHIP
O'Callaghan, Orla O'Callaghan, Orla MIAHIP
O'Callaghan, Rebecca O'Callaghan, Rebecca MIAHIP
O'Callaghan, Dympna O'Callaghan, Dympna MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Callaghan, Mary Ellen O'Callaghan, Mary Ellen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Connell, Dermot O'Connell, Dermot MIAHIP
O'Connell, Colm O'Connell, Colm MIAHIP
O'Connell, Barbara O'Connell, Barbara MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Connor, Cian O'Connor, Cian MIAHIP
O'Connor, Anne O'Connor, Anne MIAHIP
O'Connor, Mary O'Connor, Mary MIAHIP
O'Connor, Paula O'Connor, Paula MIAHIP
O'Connor, Clodagh O'Connor, Clodagh MIAHIP
O'Connor, Marie O'Connor, Marie MIAHIP
O'Connor, Karen E O'Connor, Karen E MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Connor, Imogen O'Connor, Imogen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Crowley, Jamie O'Crowley, Jamie MIAHIP
O'Dea, Helen O'Dea, Helen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Donoghue, Oliver O'Donoghue, Oliver MIAHIP
O'Donoghue, Maria O'Donoghue, Maria MIAHIP
O'Donoghue, Finbarr O'Donoghue, Finbarr MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Donoghue, Paul O'Donoghue, Paul MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Donoghue, Eilis O'Donoghue, Eilis MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Donovan, Bridie O'Donovan, Bridie MIAHIP
O'Donovan, Ger O'Donovan, Ger MIAHIP
O'Donovan, Annette O'Donovan, Annette MIAHIP
O'Dowd, Claudine O'Dowd, Claudine MIAHIP
O'Driscoll, Breda O'Driscoll, Breda MIAHIP
O'Driscoll, Therese O'Driscoll, Therese MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Duffy, Ann O'Duffy, Ann MIAHIP
O'Dwyer, Helen O'Dwyer, Helen MIAHIP
O'Farrell, Sharon O'Farrell, Sharon MIAHIP
O'Farrell, Gerard O'Farrell, Gerard MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Flaherty, Bernie O'Flaherty, Bernie MIAHIP
O'Gorman, Ursula O'Gorman, Ursula MIAHIP
O'Grady, Olive O'Grady, Olive MIAHIP
O'Grady, Georgina O'Grady, Georgina MIAHIP
O'Grady, Phyllis O'Grady, Phyllis MIAHIP
O'Halloran, Michael O'Halloran, Michael MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Hara, Sheila O'Hara, Sheila MIAHIP
O'Kane, Seamus O'Kane, Seamus MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Kane (McDonagh), Bernadette O'Kane (McDonagh), Bernadette MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Keeffe, Delphine O'Keeffe, Delphine MIAHIP
O'Keeffe, Margaret O'Keeffe, Margaret MIAHIP
O'Keeffe Lyons, Clotilde O'Keeffe Lyons, Clotilde MIAHIP
O'Kelly, Eve O'Kelly, Eve MIAHIP
O'Kelly, Marie O'Kelly, Marie MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Okonji, Ngozi Noelle Okonji, Ngozi Noelle MIAHIP
O'Leary, Elaine O'Leary, Elaine MIAHIP
O'Loughlin, Darren O'Loughlin, Darren MIAHIP
O'Mahony, Berenice O'Mahony, Berenice MIAHIP
O'Mahony, Kay O'Mahony, Kay MIAHIP
O'Mahony, Lucinda O'Mahony, Lucinda MIAHIP
O'Mahony, Rebecca O'Mahony, Rebecca MIAHIP
O'Mahony, Angela O'Mahony, Angela MIAHIP
O'Mahony, Michael O'Mahony, Michael MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Mahony, John O'Mahony, John MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Mullane, Catherine O'Mullane, Catherine MIAHIP
O'Neill, Carolyn O'Neill, Carolyn MIAHIP
O'Neill, Diane O'Neill, Diane MIAHIP
O'Neill, Valerie O'Neill, Valerie MIAHIP
O'Neill, Anne O'Neill, Anne MIAHIP
O'Neill, Catherine Ann Ca O'Neill, Catherine Ann Ca MIAHIP
O'Neill, Gerard O'Neill, Gerard MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Neill, Julia O'Neill, Julia MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Neill, Maggie O'Neill, Maggie MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Neill, Mary (Mai) O'Neill, Mary (Mai) MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Neill, Ann O'Neill, Ann MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Neill Fearon, Deborah O'Neill Fearon, Deborah MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Reilly, Suzanne O'Reilly, Suzanne MIAHIP
O'Reilly, Nessa O'Reilly, Nessa MIAHIP
O'Reilly, Ailbhe O'Reilly, Ailbhe MIAHIP
O'Reilly, Suzanna O'Reilly, Suzanna MIAHIP
O'Reilly, Patricia O'Reilly, Patricia MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Reilly, Sally O'Reilly, Sally MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Rourke, Jason O'Rourke, Jason MIAHIP
Osborne, Ruairi Osborne, Ruairi MIAHIP
O'Shaughnessy, Emer O'Shaughnessy, Emer MIAHIP
O'Shea, Margaret O'Shea, Margaret MIAHIP
O'Shea, Donna O'Shea, Donna MIAHIP
O'Shea, Anna Marie O'Shea, Anna Marie MIAHIP
O'Sullivan, Daniel O'Sullivan, Daniel MIAHIP
O'Sullivan, Patricia Julia O'Sullivan, Patricia Julia MIAHIP
O'Sullivan, Áine O'Sullivan, Áine MIAHIP
O'Sullivan, Eoin O'Sullivan, Eoin MIAHIP
O'Sullivan, Niamh O'Sullivan, Niamh MIAHIP
O'Sullivan, Ann O'Sullivan, Ann MIAHIP
O'Sullivan, Mary O'Sullivan, Mary MIAHIP
O'Sullivan, Veronica O'Sullivan, Veronica MIAHIP
O'Sullivan, Rita O'Sullivan, Rita MIAHIP
O'Sullivan, John Martin O'Sullivan, John Martin MIAHIP, SIAHIP
O'Tarpaigh, Sean O'Tarpaigh, Sean MIAHIP
O'Toole, Michael O'Toole, Michael MIAHIP
O'Toole, Sylvester O'Toole, Sylvester MIAHIP
O'Toole, Aoife O'Toole, Aoife MIAHIP
Owens, Mary Owens, Mary MIAHIP
Palmer, Sandra Palmer, Sandra MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Paparo, Pierpaolo Paparo, Pierpaolo MIAHIP
Parfrey, Ann Parfrey, Ann MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Parrin, James Parrin, James MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Patterson, Louise Patterson, Louise MIAHIP
Payne, Geraldine Payne, Geraldine MIAHIP
Peakin, Anne Peakin, Anne MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Pearson, Mary Pearson, Mary MIAHIP
Pengelly, Teresa Pengelly, Teresa MIAHIP
Peoples, Maeve Peoples, Maeve MIAHIP
Perrem, Breda Perrem, Breda MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Peyton, Mary Peyton, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Phelan, Mary Phelan, Mary MIAHIP
Phelan, Anne Phelan, Anne MIAHIP
Phelan, Caroline Phelan, Caroline MIAHIP
Philbin Bowman, Emma Philbin Bowman, Emma MIAHIP
Phillips, John Phillips, John MIAHIP
Phillips, David Phillips, David MIAHIP
Potter, Siobhán Potter, Siobhán MIAHIP
Pounch, Emma Pounch, Emma MIAHIP
Power, Catherine Power, Catherine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Prendergast, Karen Prendergast, Karen MIAHIP
Prendergast, Ann Prendergast, Ann MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Prendiville, Siobhán Prendiville, Siobhán MIAHIP
Prendiville, Eileen Prendiville, Eileen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Price, Natalya Price, Natalya MIAHIP
Price, Olwen Price, Olwen MIAHIP
Price, Lorraine Price, Lorraine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Purcell, Kasia Purcell, Kasia MIAHIP
Quinlan, Kathleen Quinlan, Kathleen MIAHIP
Quinlan, Dolores Quinlan, Dolores MIAHIP
Quinn, Cormac Quinn, Cormac MIAHIP
Quinn, Caroline Quinn, Caroline MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Quinn, Cynthia Quinn, Cynthia MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Quinn, Irene Quinn, Irene MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Quirke, William Quirke, William MIAHIP
Rackard, Anne Rackard, Anne MIAHIP
Rackard, Marion Rackard, Marion MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Randolph, Anne Randolph, Anne MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Reardon, Claire Reardon, Claire MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Reddan, Therese Reddan, Therese MIAHIP
Redmond, Mark Redmond, Mark MIAHIP
Regan, Thomas Regan, Thomas MIAHIP
Regan, Anne Marie Regan, Anne Marie MIAHIP
Regan, Deirdre Regan, Deirdre MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Reidy, Aisling Reidy, Aisling MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Reilly, Lorna Reilly, Lorna MIAHIP
Reilly, Lisa Reilly, Lisa MIAHIP
Rice, Tony Rice, Tony MIAHIP
Rice, Hayley Rice, Hayley MIAHIP
Rice Davis, Lorna Rice Davis, Lorna MIAHIP
Riciniello, Antonella Riciniello, Antonella MIAHIP
Rigney, Laura Rigney, Laura MIAHIP
Riordan, Jerome Riordan, Jerome MIAHIP
Riordan, Mary Riordan, Mary MIAHIP
Roantree, Oonagh Roantree, Oonagh MIAHIP
Roche, Fiona Roche, Fiona MIAHIP
Roche Garland, Faye Roche Garland, Faye MIAHIP
Rockett, Mary Rockett, Mary MIAHIP
Rodgers, Alan Rodgers, Alan MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Ronaldson, Dermot Ronaldson, Dermot MIAHIP
Rousseau, Daniel Rousseau, Daniel MIAHIP
Rownan, Caroline Rownan, Caroline MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Ruane, Sarah Ruane, Sarah MIAHIP
Ruane, Anne Ruane, Anne MIAHIP
Russell, Kay Russell, Kay MIAHIP
Russell, Geraldine Russell, Geraldine MIAHIP
Ruth, Ann M Ruth, Ann M MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Ryan, Anne Ryan, Anne MIAHIP
Ryan, Eileen Ryan, Eileen MIAHIP
Ryan, Majella Ryan, Majella MIAHIP
Ryan, Connie Ryan, Connie MIAHIP
Ryan, Tom Ryan, Tom MIAHIP
Ryan, Marion Ryan, Marion MIAHIP
Ryan, Veronica Ryan, Veronica MIAHIP
Ryan, Margaret Ryan, Margaret MIAHIP
Ryan, Michael Ryan, Michael MIAHIP
Ryan, Sinead Ryan, Sinead MIAHIP
Ryan, Nicole Ryan, Nicole MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Ryan, Jacinta Ryan, Jacinta MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Ryan, Maria Ryan, Maria MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Ryder, Lynda Ryder, Lynda MIAHIP
Ryle, Brian Ryle, Brian MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Sadlier, Richard Sadlier, Richard MIAHIP
Sahafi, Janet E Sahafi, Janet E MIAHIP
Samee, Amina Samee, Amina MIAHIP
Sampson, Annie Sampson, Annie MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Sanchez Blanco, Lorena Sanchez Blanco, Lorena MIAHIP
Sattar, Ursula Sattar, Ursula MIAHIP
Scarff, Wanda Scarff, Wanda MIAHIP
Scarff, Mary Scarff, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Searson, John Searson, John MIAHIP
Sell, Patrick Sell, Patrick MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Shanahan, Theresa Shanahan, Theresa MIAHIP
Shannon, Mary Shannon, Mary MIAHIP
Sheedy, Orla Sheedy, Orla MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Sheehan O'Brien, Eileen Sheehan O'Brien, Eileen MIAHIP
Sheehy, Shane Sheehy, Shane MIAHIP
Sheill, Mary Sheill, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Sheils, Bernadette Sheils, Bernadette MIAHIP
Sheridan, Carol Sheridan, Carol MIAHIP
Sheridan, John Sheridan, John MIAHIP
Sherlock, Denis Sherlock, Denis MIAHIP
Shields Huemer, Ursula Shields Huemer, Ursula MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Shiels, Marian Shiels, Marian MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Shorten, Karen Shorten, Karen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Shouldice, Darina Shouldice, Darina MIAHIP
Siddall, Jillian Siddall, Jillian MIAHIP
Simon, Sean Simon, Sean MIAHIP
Sinnott, Jennifer Sinnott, Jennifer MIAHIP
Sinnott, Roseanne Sinnott, Roseanne MIAHIP
Sitko-Hogan, Malgorzata Sitko-Hogan, Malgorzata MIAHIP
Slattery, Bernadette Slattery, Bernadette MIAHIP
Slattery, Catherine Slattery, Catherine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Sleater, Andrew Sleater, Andrew MIAHIP
Slevin, Natasha Slevin, Natasha MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Smith, Linda Smith, Linda MIAHIP
Smith, Caroline Smith, Caroline MIAHIP
Smith, Elaine Smith, Elaine MIAHIP
Smith, Fiona Smith, Fiona MIAHIP
Smith, Lucy Smith, Lucy MIAHIP
Smith, John Smith, John MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Smith, Anna Marie Smith, Anna Marie MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Smyth, Derek Smyth, Derek MIAHIP
Snee, Emma Jane Snee, Emma Jane MIAHIP
Somers, Freda Somers, Freda MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Somers, Rachel Somers, Rachel MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Somerville, Ursula Somerville, Ursula MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Spain, Sharon Spain, Sharon MIAHIP
Stanley, Ina Stanley, Ina MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Stanton, Mary Stanton, Mary MIAHIP
Starrs, Bronagh Starrs, Bronagh MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Staunton, Gerard Staunton, Gerard MIAHIP
Staunton, Pauline Staunton, Pauline MIAHIP
Steenvoorden, Ruth Steenvoorden, Ruth MIAHIP
Stefanazzi, Mary Stefanazzi, Mary MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Stephens, Eugene Stephens, Eugene MIAHIP
Stevens, Charlie Stevens, Charlie MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Stewart, Karen Stewart, Karen MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Stoklin, Paola Stoklin, Paola MIAHIP
Stone, Grainne Stone, Grainne MIAHIP
Stone, William Stone, William MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Storm, Hester Storm, Hester MIAHIP
Stuart, Marie Stuart, Marie MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Sullivan, Patricia Sullivan, Patricia MIAHIP
Sutton, Jane Sutton, Jane MIAHIP
Swannock, Jennie Swannock, Jennie MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Sweeney, Delma Sweeney, Delma MIAHIP
Synnott, Mary Synnott, Mary MIAHIP
Taheny, Paul Taheny, Paul MIAHIP
Tarpey, Florence Tarpey, Florence MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Templeton, Tom Templeton, Tom MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Thomas, Steven Thomas, Steven MIAHIP
Thompson, Peter Thompson, Peter MIAHIP
Thornton, Thomas Joseph Thornton, Thomas Joseph MIAHIP
Tierney, Marie Tierney, Marie MIAHIP
Tierney, Margaret Tierney, Margaret MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Timmons, Padraig Timmons, Padraig MIAHIP
Timoney, Petrina Timoney, Petrina MIAHIP
Tonge, Ray Tonge, Ray MIAHIP
Travers, Sharon Travers, Sharon MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Traynor, Marguerita Traynor, Marguerita MIAHIP
Treacy, Johanna Treacy, Johanna MIAHIP
Trimble, Alan Trimble, Alan MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Tudor, Simona Tudor, Simona MIAHIP
Tuffy, Leanne Tuffy, Leanne MIAHIP
Tugwell, Geoff Tugwell, Geoff MIAHIP
Twohig, Dorothy Twohig, Dorothy MIAHIP
Tynan, Karina Tynan, Karina MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Ui Mhurchu, Siobhan Ui Mhurchu, Siobhan MIAHIP
Van Den Bergh, Darina Van Den Bergh, Darina MIAHIP
Vaughan, Emma Vaughan, Emma MIAHIP
Vaughan, Martina Vaughan, Martina MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Walker, Rachel Walker, Rachel MIAHIP
Wallace, Ray Wallace, Ray MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Wallace, George Wallace, George MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Walsh, Tony Walsh, Tony MIAHIP
Walsh, Frances Walsh, Frances MIAHIP
Walsh, Liam Walsh, Liam MIAHIP
Walsh, Emily Walsh, Emily MIAHIP
Walsh, Deirdre Walsh, Deirdre MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Walshe, Bryan Walshe, Bryan MIAHIP
Ward, Deirdre Nicole Ward, Deirdre Nicole MIAHIP
Whelan, Neal Whelan, Neal MIAHIP
White, Iseult White, Iseult MIAHIP
Whitney, Siobhan Whitney, Siobhan MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Whyte, Siobhan Whyte, Siobhan MIAHIP
Whyte, Claire Whyte, Claire MIAHIP
Whyte, Catherine Whyte, Catherine MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Wilkins, Mary Wilkins, Mary MIAHIP
Wilkinson, Coman Wilkinson, Coman MIAHIP
Woods, Aine Woods, Aine MIAHIP
Woulfe, Carol Ann Woulfe, Carol Ann MIAHIP
Wright, Liz Wright, Liz MIAHIP
Wright, Lorraine Wright, Lorraine MIAHIP
Wynne McKervey, Brenda Wynne McKervey, Brenda MIAHIP, SIAHIP
Wyse, David Wyse, David


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