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  7. Carol Duffy MIAHIP, MIACP, MEAP, MICP
  • Supervisor
  • ECP
  • IACP
Ongenstown Navan, Leinster, Meath, Ireland
Contact Information
Phone: 086 805 8622
Further information

I work with both Adults and Adolescents, and provide Parenting Support / Mentoring.

A main focus of my work is on developing healthy relationships with others, changing negative thoughts about Self, exploring different aspects of life to identify old habits and patterns that are no longer helpful, and improving overall wellbeing.


Creative / Play Therapy - Children and Adults

For younger clients and adults interested in using creative process, I incorporate Art, Creative and Play Therapy. These approaches offer an alternative method of  supporting personal expression, feelings and experiences that seem unsayable, and hard to put into words.

For parents, who are looking for support, or whose child is in therapy, sessions are focused on establishing better parent child relationships, exploring effective communication, supporting the development of a child, and navigating the transition from childhood to adolescence, and maturation from adolescence to young adulthood.


Trauma and Attachment Injury

I combine traditional talk therapy and creative therapeutic approaches, with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy™.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) is a complete therapeutic modality for trauma and attachment related issues. It is an approach that is rooted in mindfulness, relationship, and somatic awareness. It is helpful in working with dysregulated activation, and the other effects of trauma, as well as addressing the limiting beliefs of developmental issues. It help discover and change the habitual physical and psychological patterns that interrupt day to day living, relationships, and overall wellbeing. It brings focus to resourcing, accessing and processing of challenging, traumatic, and developmental experiences.

My training with the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute has spanned a number of years, and includes specific training Complex Trauma and Structural Dissociation.


How might I help

Here is list of some of the symptoms and issues I bring focus to, however, you can always contact me to if you get further information about my approaches.

  • Anxiety and Panic, Stress and Distress
  • Loss, Grief, Bereavement
  • Difficulty in maintaining a job, family, friendships
  • Finding it hard to enjoy life
  • Intense emotional reactions that don’t fit current situations
  • Post-trauma stress: abuse, accidents, attack, flashbacks, nightmares (feeling stuck / frozen)
  • Early life experiences: neglect, critical or punitive parenting, separation and divorce
  • Regular and recurrent negative thoughts (including self worth, self esteem)
  • Difficulty focusing, upsetting thoughts, overwhelming or unpleasant physical (body) sensations
  • Sexuality, Gender, LGBTQI
  • Feeling disconnected or detached from others, the world and even Self. 



I provide Supervision for Counsellors and Psychotherapists, Child Psychotherapists, Play Therapists, Adolescent Therapists, who are either still in training, just qualified, or have established practices.



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