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We can all feel sad or low from time to time but some people experience these feelings deeply, for long periods of time (weeks, months or even years). Depression can sometimes be more than just a low mood – it is a serious condition that affects your physical and mental health. It can result in feelings of anxiety, restlessness, hopelessness, worthlessness, sadness and wanting to withdraw from regular interactions.

Life events are a major factor including prolonged stress, unemployment and bad relationships. Individual factors such as medical illnesses, addiction and family history can increase the risk of developing depression so if some of these are at play, it is important to be extra vigilant if you experience low mood.

The good news is that depression can be treated and there are a variety of options for people to explore. The most prominent routes are psychotherapy, medication and lifestyle changes. Different people will respond to different combinations of treatment so it’s important to speak to someone to get effective advice for your specific circumstances. A Psychotherapist will help by exploring your current state and feelings, and any underlying issues, in order to develop a pathway towards a more positive future.

If your mood is affecting your social, personal or working life, maybe it is time to reach out for help.

A Range Of Experts Available To You

IAHIP Psychotherapists are trained to help people with Depression. You can search the IAHIP Psychotherapist Directory for these particular issues.

On the Directory page, simply type Depression into the ‘Areas of Interest’ Box:

Additional Resources

For more information on Depression, you can access articles from our professional journal - Inside Out. Go to the top left of this website page and enter ‘Depression’ into the search box.

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