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[CPD Opportunity] Individual and Group Supervision

31/01/2023 15:58 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Individual and Group Supervision

I would like to advertise the model of psychotherapy supervision and my availability that I offer to an individual or to a group:

Recently I successfully completed a two-year training for experienced gestalt supervisors with Marguerita Spagnuolo Lobb. This took place in the Gestalt Institute of Italy.

I’d like to tell you what you can expect of gestalt supervision with me.

Here I like to use the word patient because it means: a person who is suffering.

My focus is in the interest of the patient rediscovering his/her functional spontaneity.

The supervisory process includes:

Slowing down with and supporting the anxiety of the therapist.

Curiosity of the unique "dance" co-created in the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the patient asking about the patient's embodied presence; and curiosity about the therapist's embodied presence in response to this.

I affirm the intentionality of the therapist.


You are welcome to ask me more about this supervisory support if you would like that please call me at 087 755 5680.

Delivery: In person or on-line.

If you like to be part of a group of up to four, meetings are for two hours. The intentionality for the group includes safely interconnecting with one another as a support for your work with patients.

My fee, payable on the day is 80 euro per hour for individual supervision, while in a group 60 euro per person for two hours.

Location: My home address is also my workplace near Athlone in County Westmeath. My eircode is N37DH04.

Email: jamesfitzgibbon57@gmail.com

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