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If you wish to place an ad in our Classifieds Section please pay here. You will then be asked to supply the content of the ad.

Ads received by 9.30am on a Monday morning will be emailed to the Public Mailing List on the Friday of the same week.

Please supply us with:

1. The wording of the ad. If it’s a short one, please just enter the copy in the form field. If it’s a larger ad, please upload a Word .doc or Plain-text file containing your ad copy. No images in the copy, please. Hyperlink your text where needed.
2. An optional image to be used in the ad as a banner or principal image, max width of 600px. A cropped version of this will be used as a thumbnail if it is square.
Images can only be accepted in .gif, .jpg, or .png format, as separate files. They cannot be accepted embedded in a Word Doc file or a PDF document.
3. You may include an optional, smaller, square image, to be used instead of your primary image as a thumbnail, which will appear beside your listing on our Classifieds page.
4. An optional PDF file of your brochure/flyer for people to download and print themselves. No Word documents, please!

Please be advised that formatting and design is standardised on our website, and we do not offer the facility to change fonts or conform to specific design requirements in any particular ad.

Your ad will remain searchable on our website, twitter feed, and facebook page indefinitely, (unless you ask us to remove it) but it will move further down the list on the website, as newer ads replace it.

The weekly digest of classified ads gets sent to our Public Mailing List every Friday at 1pm. We will email you to ask you to view your ad and proofread it, well before then. We would ask that you supply us with a phone number too. If you wish us to delay publication until a specific date, please indicate in the Comments, and ensure you are available to approve it on that day.

All ads must be relevant to the continuing professional development of psychotherapists in Ireland, or of research or practical interest to our members.

We require anyone offering training of any kind to let us know your qualifications and accreditations that are relevant to the provision of this training.

We reserve the right to refuse any ad submitted to us, without explanation, and will refund you the fee if your ad is rejected.

By posting an ad on our site, you agree to the following statement:

I agree that I am solely responsible for the content of any classified ads that I post on this website. All goods, training and/or services that I am advertising are my responsibility alone. I will not hold IAHIP Ltd., the owner of this website, responsible for any losses or damages that may result directly or indirectly from any ads that I post here, and I accept that IAHIP Ltd has the right to decline to publish my ad and refund the fee without offering any explanation, and that IAHIP Ltd is not liable for any damages or loss of income resulting from such a refusal.

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