Selfhood affirmations

‘My boundary is intact, and I am in charge of it. I live within my boundary, in my own personal space as I go through the day. My personal space is peaceful and calm.’

‘I am centred within myself in all of my interactions and activities.’

‘I belong to and within myself, within my boundary, in my personal space – my home.’

‘I practise balanced self-containment in my actions and interactions.’

‘I balance living largely within my comfort zone with a willingness to go beyond my comfort zone when doing so is genuinely for my own good, my own growth’.

‘I talk to myself with gentleness, respect and understanding, which I deserve. Every aspect of me is valid. I continually affirm myself. I approve of me.’

‘I have free-flowing access to the entire rainbow of my emotions.’

‘All of my feelings make sense. I accept whatever feelings I experience, and I work through them.’

‘I am attuned to and mindful of myself, my feelings and my needs.’

‘Every day, I come to know myself a little better.’

‘I make good contact with myself, including the aspects of myself I might prefer to avoid.’

‘I am connected to, aware of, and proud of my sexuality.’

‘I take good care of myself in every situation and interaction.’

‘My relationship with myself is the most important relationship in my life, and I relate to myself accordingly.’

‘I love myself, and I am my own best friend.’

‘I empathise with myself and others in a balanced fashion.’

‘My needs matter. My needs are fundamentally my responsibility. I ensure that, as much as possible, my needs are met.’

‘I support myself in everything that I do. I provide my own reassurance.’ ‘I regulate myself as necessary, to bring myself back into balance.’

‘I comfort and soothe myself. I am gentle with myself. I am capable of soothing myself in times of crisis or distress. I sense when I need comforting and I take the time to do so.’

‘I am me. I see myself as the capable, loving and lovable person that I am. My identity is not dependent on anything or anyone. I am a unique, priceless, worthy human being. I appreciate myself. I hold myself in high regard. I am the provider of my esteem for myself.’

‘I respect myself at all times. I honour myself in my everyday life. I assert myself as necessary and appropriate.’

‘I practise a gentle and consistent self-discipline in my life.’

‘I own everything about myself and my actions. I take responsibility for myself.’

‘It is safe to be honest with myself. I commit to self-honesty, knowing that this will help to foster my personal growth.’

‘I reveal myself to myself, all of who I am, what I feel and experience. I reveal myself to others as feels appropriate for me.’

‘I accept myself, my current reality, and all of my feelings and experiences.’

‘I forgive myself for the mistakes I have made in the past. I now give myself permission to move forward with my life.’

‘I am my own person, self-willed in my thoughts, feelings and interactions. I rely on myself.’

‘I refer everything primarily to myself, and in my everyday life I am directed from within myself.’

‘I am safe. I can protect myself. I am the provider of my own protection, security and reassurance.’

‘I have confidence in myself in several aspects of my life. I am working toward increasing my confidence in myself in the areas of life that I am less confident about.’

‘I believe in myself. I trust myself.’

‘I hold on to my power in every interaction and situation I encounter.’
‘I express my own truth, as I know and experience it, to myself and to others.’

‘I am working toward self-actualisation in my life. I have the capacity to realise my potential, one step at a time. I am moving gently toward a healthy balance between the four seasons of new growth, fruition, slowing down, and endings.’

‘I am a creative being. I channel my creativity in ways that are positive and enhancing in my life.’

© Dr. Terry Lynch. Reproduced by kind permission of the author.
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