Maria Moran MIAHIP ~ Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Spiritual Companion.

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Baldwinstown, Bridgetown, Wexford, Ireland
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Phone: +353872648577
Phone: 087 264 8577
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As a Psychotherapist I accompany those who wish to explore, review and appraise their life journey for whatever reason; whether it be a time of crisis, a time of transition or out of a sense of feeling overwhelmed or indeed underwhelmed by life in general. I have a special interest in discovering the root of our unhappiness by looking at the bigger picture; a time-span across the generations (ancestral healing/family tree healing) and/or experiences and relationships within an individual's own lifetime.

I work from a holistic and integrative perspective and consider the importance of a healthy life balance from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual outlooks. The importance of telling the 'sacred story' of our past hurts, I believe is paramount to ridding ourselves of old unresolved wounds. These wounds, often never spoken of, can be burdensome to carry and can deny us the freedom to be truly ourselves in the world.

Support available for WOMB TWIN SURVIVORS that, is the 8% of the population that are the sole survivor of a twin or multiple pregnancy resulting in psychological trauma if unrecognised.

SUPERVISION offered to PSYCHOTHERAPISTS and SUPPORT for all professional CARERS available

SPIRITUAL ACCOMPANYMENT offered to all, whether a member of a particular faith or none.

Individuals, couples and groups are welcome to contact me to discuss their particular needs.


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