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As we move through life, we may face different types of mental health challenges. IAHIP psychotherapists are trained to help with the issues you might face over your lifetime. You can search our ‘Find A Therapist’ Directory by topic to find the right therapist for you & your circumstances. All in the knowledge that every member is equipped with the highest levels of training and extensive experience.

To access the directory, use the link below to source an IAHIP Accredited Psychotherapist near you. You can also search for online-based Psychotherapists options using this member directory.

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It is a welcome change to see that mental health is no longer taboo amongst younger generations with young people talking much more freely about feelings and emotions in the main. It does not exclude them however from experiencing the many challenges of growing up. Children and adolescents can be affected by many things.

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The pandemic has triggered a 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide according to the WHO. If anxiety or panic attacks are impacting your life,

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Over the course of your lifetime, major changes will occur. While many will be positive, many more will cause significant stress as you adjust to a ‘new normal’. An accredited Psychotherapist can provide expert help as you navigate major changes and deal with any issues (anxiety, addiction etc) that have arisen as a result.

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If you are concerned that your relationship with food has become unhealthy, read this article to see if you might be experiencing the symptoms of an eating disorder. People can recover from eating disorders with the expert help provided in psychotherapy. Find out more about this issue and how to

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Divorce and separation are amongst the most stressful life experiences that a person can go through. By engaging professional help at an early stage in this process you can benefit from expert support & guidance as you work your way through. Find out more about this topic &

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