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IAHIP Accredited members are required to renew their accreditation every five years in order to maintain accredited status with our Association. Accreditation as a psychotherapist (i.e full membership of the Association), and each subsequent re-accreditation, shall be valid for a period of five years.

Previously accredited members who wish to apply for re-accreditation must apply to the Re-Accreditation Committee on the appropriate forms, showing how they meet the criteria for re-accreditation.

The criteria by which eligibility for re-accreditation shall be judged relating to four things:

  • practice as a psychotherapist
  • supervision of practice
  • continuing personal development
  • insurance

To Apply for Re-Accreditation, please read the following document for all criteria. You may then apply using the application form below.

The full list of criteria for Re-Accreditation is contained in Bye-Law 1C of the IAHIP Constitution. Please read through this document before you apply: Bye Law 1C

Once you have read through the criteria and are satisfied that you meet it, please complete the application form below:
Re-Accreditation Application Form >>

Please return the application form with all additional requested items (listed on the form) to the IAHIP Administrator, at 40 Northumberland Ave., Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

To view subscription & application fees, please click here >>


To pay for your Re-Accreditation Application fee online, please click the link below:

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