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Professional Conduct

IAHIP has developed and published Codes of Ethics and Practice.

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to establish and maintain standards for psychotherapists who are accredited members of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy Limited (IAHIP), and to inform and protect members of the public seeking and using their services.

Members accept a common code of reference within which to manage their responsibilities to clients, colleagues and the wider community. Whilst this Code cannot resolve all ethical and practical related issues, it aims to provide a framework for addressing ethical issues and to encourage optimum levels of practice.

Psychotherapists will need to judge which parts of this Code apply to particular situations. They may have to decide between conflicting responsibilities.

If requested by a client, a psychotherapist will provide information about the Code of Ethics and Practice of IAHIP.

The IAHIP also publishes codes of ethics for supervisors and for trainers.

Access the complete codes of ethics here:

Code Of Ethics & Practice for Members (Bye-Law 3)

Code of Ethics for Supervisors (Bye-Law 5)

Code of Ethics for Trainers (Bye-Law 7)

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