Professional development

Continued Professional Development is a requirement for continued accreditation with our Association for our accredited membership.

The requirements are as follows:-

(i)         An average of 50 hours per year of Continuing Professional Development

is required (i.e. a total of 250 hours over each five-year period).

(ii)    Acceptable forms of Continuing Professional Development may come

from any of the eight categories listed below, (a) to (h).

(iii)     The hours to be counted must be drawn from at least three of these

categories, though they may be drawn from a larger number of categories

or even from all eight categories.

(iv)   A maximum number of allowable hours is set only for category (g).

(v)    For at least three of the categories from which hours are drawn, there

should be at least 10 hours over the five-year period.

The categories are as follows:

(a)    Engagement as a client in personal therapy or group therapy or as a participant in other relevant experientially-based group learning activities

(b)   Attendance at additional or advanced psychotherapy and related training programmes.

(c)    Attendance at psychotherapy conferences / symposiums / lectures / workshops / seminars / reading groups or other shared learning environments that address psychotherapy theory and practice.

(d)   Receiving supervision in accordance with the requirements of clause 4 above.

(e)    Engagement in activities for or on behalf of the Association e.g. committee work, membership of Governing Body, etc.

(f)     Working as a supervisor or as a trainer in the field of psychotherapy, or in related fields that call for psychotherapeutic skills.

(g)    Engagement in self-care and/or self-reflective activities and/or practices e.g. meditation, yoga, martial arts, journaling.  (Maximum average of 10 hours per year, i.e. maximum total of 50 hours over the five-year period.)

(h)    Writing and publishing articles or books relating to psychotherapy.  (This form of continuing professional development is counted in the following way: (i) An article on psychotherapy in a journal counts as 15 hours in the year in which it is published.  (ii) A book in the field of psychotherapy counts as 25 hours per annum for a five-year period (i.e. 125 hours in total).  These hours may be divided across two five-year periods of re-accreditation, if required.