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Flyer distribution with our newsletter


The deadlines each year are:

  • 31st May for the June Newsletter
  • 30th November for the Christmas Newsletter.

These are the only times that we allow paper flyers to be included in our posted communications to our 1,100 or so members. We do not accept display or classified advertising in the newsletter itself.

If you can deliver a box of 1,100 single-sheet leaflets to our office (already printed!) before the above deadlines, we will include one with each newsletter. Please check with the office in advance to establish the expected number of envelopes being sent out.

We are currently charging approximately 25c per flyer, the price will change depending on the numbers of envelopes we actually post.

It is preferable that you pay with a cheque to accompany the flyers you are delivering to us, but if you wish, you can pay online here.

Please note that if you pay online and the leaflets do not arrive at the office in time for our mailshot, we cannot delay mailing our members, and your flyers will have to wait for six months until the next newsletter. If in doubt, please contact the office before paying here.

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