“The Dancer” a poem by Diana Erskine-Hill

You shyly follow
Daring and brave
Into the circle
Music fills the room
Five years olds flutter
In ballet shoes, tights, skirts,
Wrap-overs and hairbands
All in pink, a Degas scene
A deaf child’s dream
Like then, no sound, just eyes
To copy the rhythm
Each step a counterfeit movement
A passionate quest
To hide a handicap
Moving to blend in
Reaching out to match every step
Stretch and hold
The fight to survive
Dancing to come alive
A dream to blend in and merge
In a circle just like you
Time moves on
A circle of laughter
Loving eyes, you and you and you
Mouthing words
Building friendships
Awake now to
life changing vibrations
Access and inclusion
An outsider no more!

Observing a ballet practice session reminded me of my own ballet school years. how those dreams to be an equal with others with normal hearing was a contributory driving force in co-founding the Irish Hard of Hearing Association years later.

Diana Erskine Hill  MIACP, MIAHIP, works in private practice in counselling, psychotherapy and supervision in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin.

Inside Out – A Decade On

Diana Erskine Hill was a guest speaker at the celebration we had for Inside Out‘s tenth anniversary on 26th May 2012, where she performed “The Dancer“.

This is a recording of it she made for our podcast series.

Audio MP3


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