by Suzanna O’Reilly

The Beginning

What brings you here?

I’m not quite sure…

My pain, my thoughts, my G.P.

The stuff that pulls me down.

My rage, my libido, my changing moods,

the aching anger that simmers inside.

It’s the long sleepless nights that exhaust and deplete me.

My label, my condition, my past, my nothingness,

my partner said to come.

What might make the difference?

I’m not quite sure…

Change? Hope? You?

I just don’t know…



Therapist Self-talk

There is nothing in this for me,

I have no agenda, no personal needs to fulfil.

There is nothing in this for me.

I am here for the client in the space,

I may indeed learn from this,

I may indeed grow in this,

I may open up a part of me in this,

only and perhaps as a by the way…

In the therapeutic space between you and I,

quite simply there is nothing in this for me.

Suzanna O’Reilly is a humanistic and integrative psychotherapist working in private practice in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin. She can be contacted by email at suzannaor@gmail.com.