Welcome to the Summer 2016 edition of Inside Out. We hope you will find a broad comfy armchair, where the summer light can stream over your shoulder; bring a mug of tea with you and enjoy reading the writings of your fellow psychotherapists. May this edition delight and surprise you.

We have been having animated conversations around font shapes, colour charts and journal design as we move towards creating a contemporary new look for Inside Out; engaging in the letting go of a cover design that we have been familiar with for many years. We have also been reflecting on the ‘handing on’ of the journal over so many years. There has been a constant flow of editors, each holding the journal for a time and then handing it on to the next editors; a stream of skills passed on in the arts of crafting words, editing, proofreading, supporting authors and holding a voice for IAHIP members.

The contributions that arrived in for this edition give perspectives from different levels of professional development and, in a way, they also echo this ‘passing on’ of experience. We received articles from therapists who train and supervise and also from those just commencing their profession. The ‘passing on’ of the art of humanistic psychotherapy is evident: the art of learning to sit with a client; the art of the silent session; the art of training in a foreign culture; the art of sitting with a client exploring in a sand tray.

We have many different methods of ‘handing over’ our knowledge. Much of our learning may be taught, as with any academic subject, but the art of humanistic psychotherapy, the heart of our profession, needs to be ‘passed on’, modelled and absorbed. Our authors regularly and courageously model their professional and life wisdom in their writing and we are pleased to publish an article offering an experience of post-traumatic stress disorder. We also include a paper that debates the balance between holding our considerable learning and yet not being ‘the expert’ who labels or diagnoses.

We welcome the creativity of new members, Alan Rodgers, Mary Hamill and Monica Roche, who have joined the board recently. We invite members to consider producing a Conversation for the journal and anyone with an idea for this, please contact any member of the board. We wish you a good read…time now to get that cup of tea and tuck into Inside Out.