Dear Readers,
We are very pleased to bring you the first edition of Inside Out for 2016. As you receive this issue the new two-day event which includes the IAHIP Conference and the AGM will be approaching. This year’s location is Cork and you will find a flyer with more information inside this issue.

We are delighted to publish a topical piece from Brian Gillen on the pre-accreditation phase. It outlines the findings from some research recently completed by Brian and Carmel Byrne. The research draws our attention to the need to review this phase in light of some significant changes in psychotherapy training standards in recent years. In addition there is a need to synchronise the criteria for psychotherapy qualification across the ICP group and indeed the EAP. This research clearly points to many other practical realities that need to be looked at anew in changing times.

As we compiled this issue the editorial board noticed that the theme of ‘loss’ ran through a number of articles. While the articles themselves may appear quite divergent, they harmonise an inherent theme of the meaning, value and deep connection emerging through the experience of loss. What seems to rise up across this flow of articles is an elaboration of the absolute place for compassionate holding in the experience of loss and how this can honour and deepen our humanistic engagement and therapeutic value.

In addition, we have also observed that there is a noticeable increase of inclusion of content that comes from authors’ own experience. This seems to bring an extra dimension that enriches and embodies expression within the articles themselves. We would like to thank the authors for their courage in including such personal material and to further encourage consideration of this from anyone who maybe considering writing for Inside Out, where it informs their therapeutic practice.

Included in this issue is a concern from a reader in response to an article recently published in the Autumn 2015 edition. The author of the article in question has taken the opportunity to answer and clarify. The editorial board very much welcomes such inputs from readers. If you have a particular comment or comments you would like to make on the material we publish, please consider putting it in writing and submitting it for publication in the form of a letter to the editor.

Our next issue (summer) has a submission deadline of the 10th of May. We would like to remind anyone intending to advertise for courses, workshops and lectures with an autumn start date that we need to have the details in by this date.