The Space…

If the Cap fits…

What have I let go of?

What have I embraced?

What answers do I no longer need?

What questions do I now hold?

I enter the hall to the graduation ceremony,
I take my chair, I feel supported by it. I breathe.

I breathe again.

I reflect on the many hours in many different chairs
that have lead me to this moment.

The many hours learning, the many hours unlearning.

I am present, I feel it. I capture the mood as it flies around the large room,
excitement, pride, relief, a rare chance to savour a milestone reached.

Observing the familiar faces of like-minded friends,
colleagues and trainers seated nearby, I feel moved.

It is yet another space for us to experience together,
perhaps the last one, perhaps not.

I am honoured.

Suzanna O’Reilly