Two Poems by Anne Colgan: Hope and Blue Eyes


Fear and apprehension live in my soul today
The not knowing driving me crazy
I approach the door with hope and reluctance
It opens and I am enveloped with loving care
With understanding that has not words but is fully present
Soothing my soul and empowering my body and my mind

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes sparking with fun and mischief
Holding mine for precious seconds of pure love and innocence
Free from worry and care
Taking me to a place of purity and passion
Gifting me for my presence
Bringing joy and laughter to my day
Reminding me that I too am precious
Touching my heart with love and laughter


These poems were written for Enniscorthy’s 1,500th anniversary. They draw on my experience as Psychotherapist in the Hope Cancer Support Centre, Enniscorthy, and as Artist in Residence (Musician) at St. John of God House, Enniscorthy, as part of the Wexford County Council Art Department’s Artsability Team.

Anne Colgan