Inside Out Journal

 The Inside Out Journal is a journal of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy Ltd (IAHIP).  It is printed quarterly – seasonally.  At its re-launch in 2003 the aspiration of the editorial board at that time was to “facilitate flexible, open dialogue which invites comment, contribution and debate from the readership” (Editorial Spring 2003). 

The journal offers its readers a place to communicate their thoughts and experiences with others.  It is also a place to find out about further training courses.  Compacted in an A5 size publication it is an easy to handle journal which can be taken up and put down with ease.  It should be noted that since its re-launch in 2003 the volume of pages has increased from 60 to 94 (51%) in just three years.

The journal boasts many renowned local writers together with internationally known writers.   Articles and thoughts are especially welcome from new contributors and we are always on the lookout for students of counselling and psychotherapy and recently qualified therapists to contribute their unique experiences. You do not have to be a member of the IAHIP to publish in the journal.

If you would like to know more about the journal you can do so by either visiting our webpage at:, or completing the order form in this edition and returning it to IAHIP.  What follows is the list of contents since the journal began in 2003.  If you are looking for any back order of the journal please contact

Italic denotes that the piece is available on the IAHIP Web Site

Vol. 40 Spring 2003

Power and Addiction. The Shadow Land of Psychotherapy Sarah Krzeczunowicz (Kay)
Sunda -A Journey through Sound.  Deirdre Ni Chínnéide
Psychotherapy and Cross-cultural clients Mary de Courcy and Angela McCarthy
Distortions of the Celtic Tiger. Where have all the values gone? Pat Colgan
Interview: Sheila Killoran Gannon talks to Mary de Courcy  
Child and Adolescent issues in psychotherapy. Eileen Prendiville
Changing Archetypes: from The Virgin Mary to the Celtic tiger -some Jungian reflections on the challenges facing post-Catholic Ireland Mary O Callaghan
Religion, Spirituality, Transpersonal John Rowan
Book Review: Mystical Dogs by Jean Houston. Shirley Ward
Details of psychotherapy training courses.
The Space… Margaret Watchorn

Vol. 41            Winter 2003

Can you show me how the transformation can last? Alvin Mahrer
Bodywork. Paddy Logan
The Liberated Heart Bridget Mair
The trouble with Therapy Culture. Rob Weatherill
Art Therapy Dymphna Bonfield
Reflections on the similarities and differences in the British and Irish approach to cases of Child Sexual Abuse Nick Bankes
Minding Boundaries through codes of practice:A supervisor’s concerns. Gerry Myers
Embracing the overall spiral of development: A possible philosophical underpinning for integrative psychotherapeutic practice? David Murphy
Interview: Ger Murphy in conversation with Thérèse Gaynor
Book review: the Noonday Demon.
An anatomy of depression by Andrew Solomon Paula Loughlin
Letters. Rachel MooneyTherese HicksPaddy Logan
The Space… Edward Boyne

 Vol. 42 Spring 2004

The therapeutic process with children and adolescents: Part One Violet Oaklander
Groupwork and assessment. An overview of ethical and practice issues in training Susan Lindsay
The Feldenkrais method Sabine Volkmann
The trouble with Weatherill. Mary O Callaghan
Becoming a Counsellor- a trainee’s perspective Lena Lenahan
Interview: Catherine O’Dea talks to Mary de Courcy
Training Courses- Bad News Colm O Doherty
The Glorious Diversity of IAHIP Alison Hunter
Expert group on mental health policy Ed Boyne
Book Review: Tarot. Talisman or Taboo. Reading the world of Symbol by Mark Patrick Hederman Kath Mulligan
Conference Review: Workplace Bullying, Stress and Suicide. TCD 2003 Mary Stefanazzi
Obituary: Douglas Finlayson 1923-2003 Brendan Connolly
The Space… Trina Cooney

Vol. 43 Summer 2004

The Therapeutic Process with Children and Adolescents: Part Two Violet Oakland
Applied Energy Therapy Mary Stefanazzi
Interview: Rosemary Daly talks to Mary de Courcy
Psychodrama: a response to the challenges of the 21st century? Joni Crone
Adoption and Pre and Perinatal Psychotherapy Michael Candon
A response to Interview with Catherine O’Dea Allison Joyner
Maya Lila – Movement and Art Perspective Joan Davis
Kedron: Where Residential Psychotherapy Meets Psychiatry Aidan Duggan
Workshop Review – Mark Patrick Hederman Jane Bailey
Workshop Review: Process Oriented Psychology –Magic Theatre of the Mind Wanda Scarff
Workshop Review – APPPAH Conference Anne Gill
Remembering Douglas Finlayson Mary Aherne Carey
The Space… Carmel Byrne

 Vol 44 Winter 2004

Adoption and Psychotherapy                                        Mike Candon
5 Rhythms tm Moving Meditation Practice of Gabrielle Roth                  Caitriona Nic Ghiollaphadraig
Brain Imperialism                                          John Rowan
Chloe Goodchild and Nicholas Twilley of The Naked Voice in conversation with Thérèse Gaynor
Recovery and beyond: my experience with therapy                              Catherine de Courcy
Rebirthing and Psychotherapy: The Micro and Macro Levels of Integration                                 Catherine Dowling
Creative Sound and Psychotherapy                                         Anne Colgan
Workshop Review – The Therapists Use of Self                                       Aidan Duggan
Letter from New York                                       Grainne Doyle
Book Review – New Life for Old : on desire and becoming human.                                            Pat Colgan
Book Review – Multiple selves, Multiple Voices, Working with Trauma, Violation and Dissociation                                     Mary de Courcy
Carl Berkeley – a Reflection                                      Eileen Finnegan                                                                                                          Noel McGuinness
Conference Review – Hostility andRecovery-Reflections of a Galway weekend                                            Phil Garland
Ireland’s First National Conference onSexual Abuse against Boys and Men                                           Peter Devlin
The Space…                           Lhundrub Dechen Dorje

Vol. 45 Spring 2005

Coaching and Psychotherapy: Commonality and Difference Mike O’Halloran and Evelyn Gilmore
Considering eating disorders within the context of addiction:A Psychoanalytic Perspective Harriet Parsons
Suicide and Pre and Perinatal Psychotherapy Shirley A.Ward
Dancing the Spiral – Reflections June 2003 Susan Lindsay
Interview: Victoria Lloyd talks to Mary de Courcy
Conference Review: Global Inspiration Conference, Puhajarve,Estonia, July 3-10, 2004 Catherine Dowling
Therapy at the Theatre: Reflections on Colin Mc Pherson’s SHINING CITY Kevin Clancy
Conference Review: Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration, Amsterdam, June 24-27, 2004 Catherine Dowling
Obituary: Vincent Humphreys (1948-2004) Kay Ferriter
Conference Review: Suicide in Modern Ireland –New Dimensions, New Responses         Thérèse Gaynor          
Obituary: Betty Crowley 15th December 2004) Deirdre Mannion Carr
The Space… Pauline Littl

Vol. 46 Summer 2005

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Grainne O’ Connor
Thoughts from A Resting Place Deirdre Mannion Carr
Empathy Revisited       Gerard Murphy           
A meeting of minds and ideologies – Towards an understanding of the medical approach to mental health problems Terry Lynch
The five Elements in Therapy –A psychoenergetic approach to psychotherapy and music therapy Daniel Perret
Could Attention Deficit Disorder Add Up To Unresolved Grief Issues? Johanna Treacy
Theo Dorgan in conversation with Thérèse Gaynor
Introducing the new IAHIP Logo Mary de Courcy
Book Review: Reclaiming Father:The Search for Wholeness in Men, Women and Children Maeve O’ Brien
Book Review: Awakening loving-kindness Cathy Leonard
Response to Book Review in May 2005 issue of Inside Out John Rowan
Review: Telling the truth by telling lies –How poetry walks the line Mary Canavan
Letter to the Editors Jackie Pritchard
Obituary: Emma Foy: 14th April 2005 Ruth Kearney
The Space… Patrick Lennon

 Vol. 47 Winter 2005

Meeting the Queer Community Kay Ferriter, Thérèse Hicks, and David Wyse
Deep Feeling and Body Oriented Psychotherapy –Some brief comments Dr. Paul Vereshack
Birth, Death and Rebirth – A Healing Journey Anne Gill
Issues that can arise in therapy when working withthe issues of Sexual Abuse and Addiction Rachel Sommers
Shame in Medical Practice Michael Cussen
Dr Tony Bates in conversation with Thérèse Gaynor
Women Meeting Women in a TherapeuticCommunity response to Violence Against Women Kate Hudis and NC Britton
Getting Out of the Box with the Enneagram Barry Ahern
What Myths and Fairy Tales offer to our understanding Stephen Flynn
Emma Foy (died 14th April 2005) – An Appreciation Helen Kehoe
Conference Review: A Coming of Age Conference Ger Murphy
Book Review: Spiritual issues in therapy:Relating experience to practice John Rowan
Book Review: Roots of Musicality –Music Therapy and Personal Development Patricia Bourke
Correction: The five Elements in Therapy –A psychoenergetic approach to psychotherapy and music therapyPublished in Inside Out, May 2005 Daniel Perret
The Space… “Mollie”

Vol. 48 Spring 2006

Environmental Movement in Dunmoran Head, Co. Sligo Barbara Collins
Love and Grace in Therapy and Relationship Anna Davis
Existential issues in experiences of infertility Lindsay Mitchell
Is there something that you want to tell me? Tom Hudson
The use of Chakras in Psychotherapy – An Introduction Shirley A Ward
Interview: Mary Arthurs talks with Mary de Courcy
The Power of Story and Myth – The Genesis of an Approach to Healing Paul Rebillot
Working with the Perpetrator in Domestic Violence Colm Kiely      
Attention Deficit Disorder – Unresolved Grief Issues Johanna Treacy
What Myths and Fairy Tales offer to our understanding Stephen Flynn
Letter to the Readers Violet Oaklander
Workshop Review: The Therapeutic Use of Sound Gillian Lonergan
Book Review: The Seven Deadly Sins Alison Hunter
The Space… Faye Simms

Vol. 49 Summer 2006

Memory, a psychotherapeutic perspective Mary de Courcy
Three Lines and Love Twice Patrick Lennon
Where Rivers Meet:  Awareness Practice in Relationship Judy Lown
Awareness, Movement and the Capacity for Change Mark Keogh
On Ending Karen Wallace
Paul Vereshack in conversation with Thérèse Gaynor
Some Thoughts Ger Murphy
Couples Therapy – A Process Model Geraldine Sheedy
The impact of training on the practice of psychotherapy and counselling Geraldine Grindley
A Therapeutic Approach to Self-Harm and Suicide Joan Freeman
A Slightly Longer Route! Elisabeth Murphy
Interview: Marian Dunlea talks with Mary de Courcy  
Letter to the Editors    Brendan Connolly
Conference Review: Granada Institute 10th Anniversary Conference Lena Lenehan
Book Review: The Future of Training in Psychotherapy and Counselling  Shirley Ward
The Space…     Eugene Ryan

Vol. 50 Autumn 2006

Borealis:  Supporting the Northern Therapist Seamus O’Kane
A Supervision Guide Annie Sampson
Annie Rogers in conversation with Thérèse Gaynor
Promoting the safety of women and children while working with perpetrators of domestic violence Brían McCormack
On Being Human Patricia Allen-Garrett
Government policy on the role of psychotherapy Edward Boyne
Memories of my training         Helen Doherty
Occasions of Sin Margaret Gallagher
Continuing Professional Development: What is it? Ger Murphy
On Becoming a Pregnant Therapist     Rachel Somers
Letter to the Editors    Patrick Casement
Workshop Review: Gender Matters:Addiction and Trauma in Women’s Lives Mary Flanagan
Lecture Review: “Women, Wine and Wasted Lives” Emma Cooney
The Space… Anne O’ Malley