Memories of my training

 An idea came to me, thought I’d study therapy
 In a place that is noted for its training.
 You go for quite a while, learn to shout and cry and smile,
 and do theory, which makes you feel quite brainy!
 Theory is a blast, you study theorists from the past,
 and even get to do a presentation!!
 There’s the essays—two or more, they’ll have you on the floor,
 but when you pass it’s cause for celebration!*!*
 Next you go to ‘skills’ where you learn about the ills
 that usually bring the clients in to see us.
 The ‘supers’ stretch your mind, as they explore the
 different kinds of interventions that really help us ‘be us’.
 And of course there’s E.T.G. that’s ‘group’ to you and me,
 It’s where you learn to overcome your fears,
 your paranoia and projection, your transference and rejection;
 Can we really do it all in just four years?
 Yes, the work is very deep, sometimes it’s hard to sleep,
 It leaves you feeling vulnerable and quite shaky.
 You contact your ‘inner coper’, so you don’t feel a ‘no hoper’,
 But inside your skin you really feel quite quaky.
 What more can I say? They keep you busy every day,
 Case studies, feedback, tapes and statements-personal.
 They’ll really blow your cover, and you’ll finally discover
 The ‘you’ that is ok and quite acceptable.
 Oh, it’s really very hard. Carrot cake out in the yard,
 and coffee with the team to say goodbye.
 Oh, how the time has flown. How will we make it on our own?
 It’s enough to make me want to sit and cry.
 One more thing I need to add. I’m feeling rather sad,
 and yet there’s something more about my attitude.
 For all the joy and all the pain, the experience I’ll never
 have again,
 I just want to express my deepest gratitude.

 Helen Doherty is a recent psychotherapy graduate.