Poem – Tell Me How I Should Be

Be a bright little box.
Be a simple little dot.
Be a cheerful little button.
Don’t upset others, raise
your voice.
Always have a smile on your
face – even on the phone.
Someone might guess, you
were unhappy.
Even for a moment.

Wear a smile, during week-
days, week-ends, when you
are on your own.
Your mask might slip – unawares.
You must be vigilant-
In company with other souls, you
can talk about the weather.
Other scintillating subjects,
to engross your head – the
latest television programme.

Don’t mention feeling down.
Misery is not allowed.
You know the commandments.
The social performance, comes so
easily, with a little practice.
Women are so adept, at following
It requires no effect to produce
a dazzling display.
Such superb acting – so true to life.

Mary Shine

We wish to apologise to Mary Shine for misattributing her poem, Growing To My Own Size, in our last issue.