Issue no. 4 of Inside Out and so we complete our 
first volume and our first year. We on the Editorial
 Board would like to congratulate ourselves on this 
achievement and to thank our readers and contribu
tors for their encouragement and support.

Subscriptions and sales continue to increase and 
Inside Out has expanded from 20 pages in Issues 1 and  
2 to 28 pages in Issues 3 and 4. Growth is in evidence.

And what of the content? We feel we have, in this
 first year, begun to address and to open up for discus
sion at least some of the important issues facing 
psychotherapy today – issues such as the regulation of 
standards, the question of training courses, the
 importance of supervision for practicing psychotherapists.

In the coming year these three closely inter-related
 topics are going to require considerable attention
 from those of us involved in psychotherapy as we
 approach 1992 and all that. And it will be important
 that our voices be heard, loudly and clearly.

Over the year we have covered a range of subjects 
such as Family Reconstruction , Psychodrama,
 Massage Therapy and, in this issue, Primal
 Integration, all of which are parts of the whole that is
 Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy. Add to
 this articles on Love and Dependency, Ego Identity, 
Liberation Psychology and, again in this issue,
 Bulimia and Anorexia, plus regular book reviews, 
poems, letters and advertisements and we feel Inside
 Out is going some way to becoming what we set out 
in the Editorial of our first issue back in May of last
 year : “…a vehicle of communication in the fast grow
ing field of psychotherapy in the Irish context.”

We hope you will continue to support Inside Out 
both by taking out subscriptions and by sending in 
your articles, letters, book reviews, notices of events
 etc, and so help to make Inside Out a challenging,
 stimulating and informative publication in the year