Dunderry Park

A new therapeutic centre has opened in the heart of historic Co Meath,
 close to the ancient sacred sites of Tara, Newgrange and Lough Crew.

Tim Hannan visited Dunderry Park recently.

Dunderry Park Transpersonal Centre, located near Navan in Co. Meath is the 
brainchild of psychotherapist Martin Duffy and author Loma St. Aubyn. Besides 
being the author of several books on transpersonal issues, Ms. St Aubyn is the 
founder and director of a similar centre in France which has been operating
 successfully for the last 11 years.

Dunderry Park is situated on 23 acres of mature parkland with lakeside walks and
 a tranquillity which registers very quickly on the sensibilities of the visitor. The
 200 year old Georgian residence has been renovated in recent months (at one stage
 100 men were working on site) and can cater for up to 26 people in a variety of 
tastefully decorated and elegant rooms. In fact it feels rather like one is a guest in 
someone’s country house when one considers the personal detail given to each 
room, with original paintings adding to the sense that this is a family home. Certain
 communal areas are designated as reflective, quiet spaces and this will certainly
 help to maintain the restful atmosphere that pervades the building.

Dunderry is currently offering weekend and weeklong workshops on a variety of
 transpersonal and related topics. These include Holotropic Breathwork (Dunderry 
is now the home of the Transpersonal Group), Shamanism, dance and movement,
 Hakomi training and hemi-sync workshops.

It is also available for rent to groups wishing to use the large workroom and other
 facilities for meetings or lectures.
 It is a non-profit making venture, providing stress counselling and therapy for those 
in the community who are under stress through bereavement, family problems,
 work related issues and health related problems. This service will be provided 
through individual therapy, group work and educational seminars. It is also
 envisaged that Dunderry will act as a training centre for stress and trauma
 counsellors to work in their local communities, in areas of conflict such as
 Northern Ireland, Bosnia, South America and Africa. All these services will be 
provided at a minimum cost. It is also hoped that Dunderry will provide a venue
 for voluntary organisations dealing with issues such as bereavement, drug 
awareness, etc. to meet and to hold events.

As a result the Oaktree Charitable Trust has been established in order to fund the 
ongoing running expenses of the centre and cover costs not directly related to 
courses or funded by course income. This funding will be used to continue the restoration of outbuildings in order to provide additional accommodation for the
 groups using the Centre.

The Oaktree Charitable Trust is contactable through the Honourary Treasurer,
 Aine Duffy at Dunderry Park, Dunderry, Co. Meath, while any enquiries regarding
 workshops accommodation can be addressed to the Secretary at Dunderry Park. Tel 046 74455