It is with the very deepest regret and sadness that the Editors of Inside Out have to report the loss of our colleague and fellow-editor, Alan Mooney. Alan died a few days before this issue of the journal went to press.

Alan joined the Editorial Committee of Inside Out in the early days, when the journal was struggling to establish itself. From then on, he worked with enthusiasm and vigour to promote its success, tirelessly and without stinting. He would always arrive at editorial meetings ready for action, full of ideas and willing to discuss all the issues as energetically as possible. It is impossible to overstate the huge contribution he has made to the liveliness and success of the journal.

For all his enthusiasm, hard work, utter reliability and deep and functional friendship, we can only feel immense gratitude. It is almost impossible to believe that he is gone – almost impossible to believe that someone so full of life, so generous and open-hearted, could be lost so prematurely.

As editors, we feel now that we must try to uphold the values of speaking the
 truth, openness and inclusiveness which always marked Alan’s contributions to our editorial discussions. We shall honour his memory by continuing the journal as he would wish.

We know that we speak on behalf of our readers, as well as on our own behalf, in expressing our deepest sympathy to Alan’s family.

Mavis Arnold, Aidan Maloney, Mary Montaut, Aveen Murray