Cancer: The Holistic Approach

A series of pamphlets produced by Turning Point

The essential thesis of these pamphlets is that the mechanistic view of illness has had a powerful hold on the general public and health care practitioners. Much progress has been made by orthodox medicine especially in the treatment of cancer. However despite the expenditure of millions of pounds every year, no chemical or other cure has been found.

Much modern research is focusing on the body’s own defence system. The question is: How does the immune system become so damaged that it allows cancers to develop? A follow on question is: How can it be repaired to allow cancers to be removed or contained. These pamphlets explore the question of the mind-body connection in healing.

Each of the pamphlets looks at a different aspect of a holistic approach including Homoeopathy, Diet, and Counselling.

The essence of holistic health care is based on the awareness that “illness does not occur in isolation but develops within a whole person and that every person – ill or healthy, is a complex interacting system of body, mind, spirit and emotions living in and being affected by a social and ecological context.”

Each of the pamphlets stands on its own. They are simply, clearly and straightforwardly written. They do not purport to be exhaustive studies in the area. Each concludes with a useful list of further reading in each specific area covered.

The emphasis on gently and consistently marshalling one’s own resources and seeking support in the pursuit of healing means that one can begin to feel more powerful and less out of control in the face of illness.

The most significant thing I was left with, having read the booklets, was a sense of hope and that all is not lost in the ongoing fight against life threatening disease.

They are available at a cost of IRE1-00 each from Turning Point, 23 Crofton Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Ph. 2807888.

Alan A. Mooney