Workshop – Money and Me



Therapists Ready to Free Themselves from Limiting Beliefs about Money and Wealth

Money & Me: Clearing Our Confusion Around Money Issues

Caraiosa Centre, Moate, Co Westmeath

Saturday 23rd November 2013: 9.30 to 4

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  • Do you feel uncomfortable asking for money?
  • Do you feel guilty about your clients’ financial struggles?
  • Do you feel angry and powerless about the recession and the recent banking crisis?
  • Are you ready to take charge of your own money story, and change your perspective?

Then this is the workshop for you

We all need money to live in the world, and most of us want to feel financial security, and yet we have a highly ambivalent relationship with it. Since birth we have been bombarded with conflicting values and beliefs about those who have it and those who don’t. We are told by our parents, teachers, religious leaders and the media how we should think and feel about money and money issues. Unfortunately most of it is contradictory. Old feelings of guilt and shame hang around our financial dealings. Anger and loneliness get acted out through our money story.

Take for example, the saying that “It’s better to give than to receive.” If everyone is giving, who is going to receive from us? And what are we saying about those who receive?

Confused? It would be a miracle if you weren’t. And this is just one example.

Wouldn’t you like to sort some of this out and get clear?

Wouldn’t you like to choose values and beliefs that fit for where you are now, and support who you want to be in the world?

This workshop will help you to sort out what you think and feel about money, and if you want to, clarify how you might like to change.

The workshop is experiential, using exercises, and small and large group discussion, to draw the learning from the participants’ own experiences.

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Presenter Jude Fay is a psychotherapist in private practice and an accredited member of IAHIP and IACP. A Chartered Accountant by original training, she is passionate about helping therapists to create a more satisfying and rewarding experience of practice. She has extensive experience presenting workshops and facilitating group learning.

Learn more about Jude’s work in this area at and receive a copy of your free report “Five Ways to Boost Your Therapy Practice.”

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