Slí na Samhlaíochta – Announcing The Agenda For Our Upcoming Seminar

Exploring The Ancient Greek Myth of Amor and Psyche from a Jungian Perspective

With   : Dr Mairín Ní Nualláin IAPA and Karina Tynan IAHIP

Dates  : Saturdy 24th & Sunday 25th May 2013

Times : 10am – 5pm each day

Venue : Clonskeagh Castle, 80 Whitebeam Road, Dublin 14

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When people began to worship the sublimely beautiful mortal maiden Psyche as a goddess, the goddess Aphrodite becaome extremely jealous. So, she bid her son Amor to avenge her and destroy Psyche by making her fall in love with the “vilest of men.”

When entering a myth we enter not just a story but a series of what the mythologist Karl Kerényi called Mythologems – the archetypal elements of the myth. In our work we hope to encounter the deep archetypal elements inherent in myth and allow these to call forth the archetypal forces that govern our own lives, to allow our imagination to image these into our very own stories so we become aware of the myths we live by. Thus our title, Slí na Samhlaíochta (The Way of the Imagination).

Agenda Day 1

10am        Karina Tynan – Telling the Myth of Amor and Psyche – Discussion

11.15am   Coffee Break

11.30am   Dr Mairín Ní Nualláin

Presentation on Myth and the Imagination from a Jungian Perspective –  Discussion

12.45pm   Lunch

2.15pm     Immortal Goddess – Mortal Maiden – Discussion

3.30pm     Coffee Break

3.45pm     The Mother Son Complex

5pm           Discussion and reflection – Finish Day 1

Agenda Day 2

10am         A Bride Exposed – Discussion

11.15am    Coffee Break

11.30am    Shadow Sisters – Breaking The Taboo  – Discussion

12.45pm    Lunch

2.15pm      Paradise Found – Death Of The Maiden  – Discussion

3.30pm      Coffee Break

3.45pm      Journey To Womanhood – The Tasks

5pm           Discussion and Reflection  – Finish

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