Biosynthesis Body Psychotherapy

Self in the Body and Body in the Self

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 Biosynthesis is an evidence based Body Psychotherapy, which has been scientifically recognised by the European Association for Psychotherapy since 1998. Diploma training in Biosynthesis, which is recognised by the EAP and affiliated, with the International Institute for Biosynthesis will commence in 2015.

 Themes include: Therapeutic presence and Somatic Resonance; Polarity and Character Development; The Four Elements of Touch; Bridges between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication; Breathing Work; Coping with Personal Past Progressively; Recognition and Transformation of the Shadow; Developing Strength through Boundaries; Discovering new Patterns of Movement; Recognising Personal Values and Living with Integrity; Freeing the Inner Voice, from Repression to Expression; The Path to Inner Balance and Creativity; Trauma Healing in Biosynthesis.

 Directors of the Irish Institute for Biosynthesis Austin Breslin and Attracta Gill have spent 6 years training with Dr. David Boadella in the International Institute for Biosynthesis in Switzerland. International Senior Trainers from around the world will also be invited to come and work with trainees.

 We are very excited to introduce such a high quality internationally recognised training to Ireland.

 Introductory 2-day trainings in Biosynthesis will run on the following dates in 2014:

22/23 February

5/6 April

24/25 May

13/14 September

11/12 October

 Venue: Oaklands Creative Centre, Baltyboys, Blessington, Co Wicklow

 For further information and bookings please ring:

 Attracta 0872382978




 Please contact us on our facebook page

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